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1: an infinite amount
2: an immeasurable number which when exponentially applied to anything else becomes inconceivably massive
I've got so much homework; it sucks to the nth degree.

That squirrel looks awesome to the nth degree.
by zarthaniel March 21, 2004
1: shortened form of "to the nth degree"
2: something that is surpassingly so in its own state of being
Our workweek was incredibly arduous, so this weekend we are going to party to the nth.
by zarthaniel March 21, 2004
1: a religious faith wherein God is declared awesome and worthy of correspondence, requiring no apparent effort or task of the believer in order to attain salvation
2: the belief that God is bustamante
Jesus died for me? No thanks, I've got Bustamanteism.
by zarthaniel March 21, 2004
1: shortened form of zarthaniel
Hey zarth, what's up?
by zarthaniel March 20, 2004
1: an extremely dim-witted individual
2: a troll-like being covered in feces
3: the Holy Subject of Ridicule and Mockery according to God's divine mandate, who is scheduled to be caged and displayed at the Second Coming of Christ for the amusement of God's human children
- dragualish / ADJECTIVE
This person is taking forever; what a dragual.
by zarthaniel March 20, 2004

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