(boos-ta) a cake made with pancake mix, topped with multicoloured sprinkles.
"hey man, wanna slice of busta?"
"cakey goodness"
by Hannah n Kate August 07, 2006
A degragatory name used for nortenos, often said by Surenos
Man fuck that busta stupid ass chap
by SoUtHsIdE fOr LiFe March 21, 2005
adjective. used as a compliment tell someone that they are awesome and "busts heads"
Pat you a busta!!!!
by alexcrayon June 13, 2011
a hardcore gangsta white boy from the mean streets of miamisburg ohio
damn busta be lookin good in thoose akadizzies
by busta bust May 06, 2004
one is busted or busts regularly. busted foo punk
fuck that busta, he ain't got shit
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
meet the unknown the one and only x
you don't know me busta !
by busta x April 03, 2005
To break out, or produce something quickly. Originated by Young MC in his song Bust A Move.
"So come on fatso and just busta move"
by T-Boy August 03, 2004
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