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13 definitions by tomahhtoe

Gay slang for a grey haired, older, hairy chubby guy. Or a guy that looks like Santa Claus without the suit.
I have abandonment issues with my dad, so I tend to be into polar bears.
by Tomahhtoe May 04, 2009
Something that happens that takes a person out of a good mood and into a bad one like sadness or anger.
We where having a good time at the barbecue until Tonisha told everyone how she had three abortions. What a major buzzkill. Everyone went home soon afterward.
by Tomahhtoe February 13, 2009
The loose marijuana in the bottom of any bag you might buy. It's mostly stems and seeds.
"It was mostly shake, but it still got me really high."

"Damn, I got ripped off. I bought a quarter and it was mostly shake!"
by Tomahhtoe November 22, 2009
Gay slang for an older gay man with money.
I'm on the hunt for a new daddy. My last one lost his job.

I'm tired of working all of these hours. I need to get me a daddy.
by Tomahhtoe July 31, 2009
The way uneducated blacks pronounce jewelry.
Yo! Dis is sum fake ass jury!
by Tomahhtoe July 04, 2011
To start problems or to create drama.
"Nigga you know dat shit ain't true. Why you be trifflin'?"

"She know I ain't her baby daddy. She just be trifflin'."

"Her trifflin' ass is goin' round sayin' dat I got a small dick."
by Tomahhtoe October 03, 2009
A person that you have sex with just once.

"We didn't date, he was just a trick."
by Tomahhtoe March 18, 2009