To get a disease such as crab, herpes, or any other disease that causes you itching and BURNING!!!
Tramaine: Eh yo niggah im fucking wit dat bitch Tamaika
Dareell: Man don't fuck wit her she burned mah azz last tyme i fucked dat Jump off.
#sex #std #burned #fuck #crab #herpes #diease #itching #burning
by Soleda September 02, 2009
The state of being that is experienced shortly after or during extremely high levels of substance intoxication. Signs include, but are not limited to: dry/heavy eyes, dry mouth, hot skin, overall gritty feeling, and sore limbs. Not to be confused with a hangover. The word literally refers to feeling 'burning'.
Shit, I did about 4 lines of Xanax, 5 shots of Captain, and 2 bowls, I'm so freaking burned now.
#buzzed #high #drunk #drugs #alcohol
by ShootTheRunner May 08, 2009
an extremely negative experience that scars you for life and changes your behavior.
damn, I can totally understand how you're a lesbian now, after being burned by so many men.
by Anonymous December 03, 2002
When one gets cut or chopped by someone in a conversation
Brett - "Hey frank, your mums fat"
Frank - "Nah cuz, just slightly overweight"
Brett - "As overweight as a whale! You just got burned cuz"
Frank - *Gropes Brett at 3km/h*
#burned #cut #snapped #broken #shitted on
by LebDog December 03, 2008
to get ripped off buying drugs
i got burned last night
by anal romeo June 24, 2003
In fast food. When someone runs out or gets behind on their position.
"I got burned on fries."
by DesPERRYado July 07, 2005
To fake out, juke, or insult in a manner that leaves the victim completely humiliated.

-=Runs Vent Crew=-
RVC - scrim?

DoD Community - yeah

---10 minutes later---

DoD Community - you connecting?

RVC - SIKE! ~~~~~~BURNED~~~~~~
by RVC April 16, 2005
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