One who has been givin a disease
Big L
If a chick gave a disease then you got burned.
by MaInINGREEdyanT April 03, 2003
Top Definition
1) an expression used to discribe a particularily harsh insult (a burn)
2) an expression used when someone had a negative past experience
3) when an extreme amount of heat is applied to something long enough to alter it
Man, you got burned by that loser!
My childhood really burned me.
Damnit, the toaster burned me!
by acephalous April 01, 2004
Getting, giving to, or having gonnoreah, an STD.
"Man, that bitch burned me!"
by Kalashnikov April 10, 2003
To get "told", basically, to be insulted majorly.
Cassie got burned last night when her b/f called her flat.. OHHHHHHHHHH you got burned!!!!
by bobie November 22, 2004
what happens when you get an STD, like chlamydia.
"Dang, that guy burned me" or "I hope I didn't get burned"
by ykpa November 29, 2011
When someone with authority catches you doing something illegal, and does something to opress you afterwards.
I cant believe that lez bitch Ms. Ianessa thought to look behind the handball courts and totally burned us!
by JACKSTEROO January 23, 2009
The state of being that is experienced shortly after or during extremely high levels of substance intoxication. Signs include, but are not limited to: dry/heavy eyes, dry mouth, hot skin, overall gritty feeling, and sore limbs. Not to be confused with a hangover. The word literally refers to feeling 'burning'.
Shit, I did about 4 lines of Xanax, 5 shots of Captain, and 2 bowls, I'm so freaking burned now.
by ShootTheRunner May 08, 2009

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