A fart.
Ew. that was a stinky bup.
by popfiltro November 02, 2010
Sometimes used for blaze up (smoke).

Like it if you want, some people say it.

Most of the time used on statuses for stuff like aim, msn, whatever.
Dave's status: AFK... b up
by Felonblazer March 01, 2009
a quick way to say "boo" (opinionated criticism of a bad performance,joke,etc.) to someone who thinks they are funny but really isn't. This will make you laugh once you say it and the person who told the bad joke will believe your laughing at/with him. It's a win-win!!
GUY1:Why did the chicken cross the road?
GUY1:Because his car broke down!HAHAHAHA!!
GUY1:Ha that was a good one funny right?
GUY2:Hee.yeah sure.hee-hee!
by GIOVANNI FRESCO February 23, 2009
kicking one's ass, referring to the action of jumping and attacking in the game Super Smash Brothers.
Fox and Mario enter, Mario is the only contender left...
Mario: "I just B upped yo ass"
by jtwh310 June 13, 2008
A short form of the word "break up". Often used on messaging over electronics because of the laziness of a person.

luke: dude i can't believe that she b-up with me
robert: don't cry. it's weird.
by RYANNN. April 19, 2007
The sound a human turd makes when it is dropped from a high elevation, onto a hard surface below.
Whoa!Look at that guys turd hit the ground!
The 'bup'-like sound is unforgettable!
by Suicide Notary November 02, 2007
A man or woman, who trys to buy your love by getting you anything you ask and who you can call anytime you need a ride, without the need to have a sexual relationship with them.
Oh man, its so cold outside i don't wanna walk home

Its okay, i'll call my bups and he'll drive us.
by Adidazing. October 21, 2010

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