An all-encompassing feeling of spiritual brotherhood with all objects, people and babies in your I-BE Area.
by Tourtiere November 22, 2009
a word that can be used as an adjective, adverb, verb or noun.

conveys digust, typically.

Or a state of being drunk and/or high.

an exclamatory statement. Can be used in disgust, happiness, excitement, anything really.
Man! I'm so buppy right now...hand me another beer.

Let's go out and get bupped tonight I've had a bad week.

Look at that fat woman's fupa...she is so bup!

BUP! That movie was horrible.

Look at that bup...she's so damn ugly.

This weather is so buppy.

Those shoes are dead bup!

by Herman Gigglesworth March 06, 2009
when someone shoulder barges you
'mother fucker, did you just bup me you bitch?!'
by lukelindsey August 13, 2008
An older bloke (30+) that buys a younger lady (teen/early twenties) gifts, meals and gives her money just to look good on his arm.
That bup get me everything I want!
by Schuey October 22, 2003
the British Undergraduate Philosophy Society (see
A: "Man you headin down to BUPS conference this weekend?" B: "Yeah, I submitted a paper just the other week."
by thenewoldfreshstyle December 15, 2008

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