a quick way to say "boo" (opinionated criticism of a bad performance,joke,etc.) to someone who thinks they are funny but really isn't. This will make you laugh once you say it and the person who told the bad joke will believe your laughing at/with him. It's a win-win!!
GUY1:Why did the chicken cross the road?
GUY1:Because his car broke down!HAHAHAHA!!
GUY1:Ha that was a good one funny right?
GUY2:Hee.yeah sure.hee-hee!
by GIOVANNI FRESCO February 23, 2009
Top Definition
1) Used to describe ones own ambiguous behaviour. Often shouted or hash tagged on twitter.

2)Used in social networking to provoke confusion as to the meaning of the word. Used when behaviour has no meaning

3) Can also be used ironically for attention. Often when happy or excited
1) "yeh just ate like 10 asparagus's #BUP"

2) "what does bup mean?" "BUP BUP BUPBubpbubp"

3) "Off to a party in Londen BUP!"
by Cham777 February 12, 2013
A slang term expressing the state of something or someone showing stupidity.

Another word for "stupid"
Ratchet: ND is so waste!
Me: Yeah, I agree, this school is so "bups"
Ratchet: "Bups"? What's that?
Me: It's what you are you stupid ratchet.
by Whyyoulate March 17, 2013
Replicating the sound of a gunshot to indicate vigorous approval; usually uttered in rapid succession with an accompanying thrusting of the hand in the air.
"Rewind selecta! Bup bup bup!"


"Bup bup bup Kofi Annan...good point! In your FACE Colin Powell!"
by J Hall April 03, 2003
An expression used when one has nothing to say.
Bob: Were we supposed to meet the girls at 8 ? It's 9 now man.
John: Bup.
by TheActualRealSuperman July 16, 2011
The flipping of an earlobe. Usually in a soft manner, so it does not hurt the ear.
I want to bup your ear.
by jibbleblibble April 04, 2010
something to say while stoned and like it makes sence
person 1: yea im to high to walk
person 2: bup...sucks to be you
by fukin.....i dont remember March 09, 2005
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