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Area between a female's belly button and vagina
Hey check out the bulgina on that one!
by Max Power July 09, 2003
The area of a woman (especially an oversized woman) where her vagina is expected to be, but instead is replaced by a giant bulge (usually due to access fat). There is no way to be sure if there is an actually vagina hidden under the bulgina or not.
Dana: Do you think our teacher is pregnant?

Tyler: No she just has a bulgina.

Dana: Oh.
by TylerCorp April 19, 2010
A portly woman's vulva. Due to excessive fat tissue, the vulva appears to bulge out. Could also be referred to as a "front butt."
While exploring the intricate folds of Emily's bulgina, Nate found that it kinda looked like Jay Leno's chin.
by Sraes Nave June 06, 2008
The state of a woman's vagina when extremely horny. She will become "wet", and her vagina will begin to moisten and bulge outwards.
Jimmy: Whoa! That chick has a huge bulgina!
John: Yeah, that means she's horny enough to screw anybody, even a fatass like you!
by Glomwill March 01, 2008