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An short abbreviation of the word (Bughead) from up north (Liverpool)
Person 1: Yes Geesy, ya wanna build a Buggy?

Person 2: Cool G, will do, safe
by Da Furian May 12, 2009
Feeling great sexual desire;
"feeling horny or aroused"

A term derived from the great horned state of many large horned bugs, E.I. - Large Horned Beetles. (Horny Bugs; I.E. - Buggy)
"Help! I'm surrounded by horny bugs!"

"How about coming over later? I'm feeling a little buggy."
by Christian Steadfast March 27, 2007
A kid who looks like a Bug once getting very high with.
Dude, you look like a freak bug. I'm gonna call you Buggy.
by WTF man December 17, 2007
nickname for little girls vajayjay area that makes them cringe in the older ages.

-also known as the B-word.
"Don't forget to wash your buggy!"
by Susan Pendergtass November 10, 2007