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1. Something the hamsters in Hamtaro say when they are running.

2. Slang for butter.
"pass dah budda budda!"
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 18, 2003
7 15

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Sound of a chain machine gun firing. Used as reference for naming gaming clans in games such as Battlefield 2
BuddaBudda is one awesome BF2 clan.
by [BB]Mort July 26, 2006
30 8
An onomatopoeic representation of the sound of gunfire.
Judge Dredd: Drop it, creep! *budda budda*
Criminal: aaaaaaaagh
by Retropants November 16, 2007
18 5
The sound of an automatic Thompson machine gun. Popularized in the Sgt. Rock comics.
Sound of machine gun Budda Budda
by Bullethole March 15, 2013
0 0
The fear of impending doom associated with parinoia common in post-moderism.
He was hospitalized when his Budda Budda caused him to become psycotic.
by Biggie November 20, 2003
9 16
Slang term used to define people of East Indian Decent who run local establishments in the United States (namely mini-markets and gas stations)durka doughnuts
The budda buddas took over the gas station down the street.
by Chicdeb September 10, 2006
2 16
Disp. An assiatic of ussually Arabic descent, prone to terrorist acts and living in caves. Obs. per. mimic of ungulation of Arabic Speech patterns.
I saw a truckload of BuddaBuddas get hit by a cluster bomb on CNN.
by anonymous July 17, 2003
4 20