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Adj. teenage-like, or teeny-bop
That Back Street Boys song is SOOOO Bubble Gum.
by Construxus November 17, 2005
25 47
A well-known strain of marijuana. Looks like any old frosty nugs, save it's smell- which is very sweet w/ a slight hint of lemon and pine. Tastes almost exactly like bubble gum, hence the name. Very strong, also has a nicely balanced high; it's relaxing but sociable, cerebral but not paranoid, nice body buzz but no couchlock, pretty much just a euphoric, easy high. Usually is pretty expensive but well worth it.
Bubble gum is the shit.
by Buddha420 October 15, 2005
285 82
pussy, in reference to oral sex
mmmmmm... bubble gum... i can chew it all night long
by jbd April 26, 2003
273 86
a fairly potent form of marijuana (cannibis sativa) that carries a slight aftertaste as of chewing gums
Damn, now that I'm fucked up this bubblegum tastes like some fucking Bazooka! But where's my free comic bitch?!
by brett rosenthal December 14, 2003
252 91
another word for your punani
that bitches bubblegum is real juicy.
by ashmeg January 22, 2006
235 98
A genre of music from the late 60's to the early 70's that was aimed towards pre-teen audiences. Usually involved upbeat sounds, and superficial lyrics.
"Now I'm going to listen to my favorite bubblegum artist while eating my Wonder Bread!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
115 79
refers to a females labia of excessive length
i went down on this chick and it looked like a chewed piece of bubble gum.
by zipper November 13, 2006
90 59
A brand of Marijuana, just like Northern Lights®, Juicy Fruit®, and Afghani #1®.
Not the shit you chew.
by SunShine December 28, 2004
94 65