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Music or other popular entertainment that has been dumbed down and produced to appeal to the masses. Often, this music is aimed at a target group of whiny, ADD ridden 8-15 year olds, especially girls. Bubble gum is the complete opposite of Gangsta.
Stupid 12 year old girl with braces and american eagle shirt: OMG!!! Have you seen the new Justin Beiber Video? He has my heart!!!

ME: Naw, I don't watch that Bubble Gum Bullshit! What the hell is wrong with you?!! put it back on BET, the new Jeezy is bout to come on!!!
by NoSleep November 10, 2010
A girl who gives you her number or adds you on FaceBook, then wants to text or message you all the time and never wants to actually hang out. Sometimes happens when you get a girls number for a booty call and then she wants to text you, but never puts out. The opposite of a Cutty Buddy
I'm 23 and in college. I'm looking for a piece of ass, NOT a penpal!

You ever smash Tracy? No, she kept wanting to text all day, so I put her on penpal status.
by NoSleep November 23, 2010
an STD that is so contagious you can catch it just by being in the same location with the infected person and breathing their used air.
must've been the Airborne Herp, cuz he can't go within 500 yards of her...
by NoSleep November 18, 2010

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