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1) Hot, cute, sexy.

2) Someone hyperactive but fun.

3) Something that tastes like bubble gum.
1) That guy was totally bubblicious.

2) I've had four cokes and feel really bubblicious!

3) Was this meant to be berry flavour? Cos it tastes bubblicious.
by Steph696 December 04, 2006
A word that can be used to describe a hot girl, referring to all around sexy, that means face and body.
Yo man, check out Lesa, that girl is bubblicious!!
by RandomGuyWhoKnowsYou February 10, 2008
An adjective coined during the Web 2.0 era used to describe any phenomenon reminiscent of the hype, exhilaration, lavish, frenetic partying, ludicrious investments, and shocking buyouts surrounding the Internet boom of 1999.

Not to be confused with Bubblicious, the bubble gum, is specifically punctuated to imitate the domain name of, a pioneer social bookmarking site that was acquired by Yahoo in 2005.

Though its origins stem from the Web 2.0 era, is an adjective that can be used to describe extreme behavior during any technology bubble.
The (insert unknown startup with name that ends with a consonant and "r" - think Flickr - here) party at (insert swanky establishment here) with the champagne fountain, ahi tuna tartare appetizers, and samba parade was indeed
by Lorna Li April 17, 2007
Someone that spent his/ her teens, twenties or thirties in the Bubbly Japan of the 80ies and never grew up from that. Waists money for amusement and clothes, parties and celebration and gives a shimmering night fever experience to his/ her surroundings. A Bubble Gum is named Bubblicious.
This girl's clothes are bubblicious!

What a bubblicious pool party!
by sheohara June 03, 2015
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