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a strong type of marijuana, the resin is extremely extremely strong buy not very harsh especially if smoked through a bong or bubbler. It is moderately priced and smells amazing for the price.
dude this juicy fruit is mad strong
by Mr Bones January 06, 2008
Good wet pussy, plain and simple. Pussy is not always juicy, but pussy is always the fruit of the earth. Pussy created everyone walking this planet. We are the seeds of man ang the fruit of the woman. If a female has juicy fruit, then she is above average wet when stimulated for sexual intercourse. Juicy fruit is the leading cause of bed nut stains, not the male ejaculation.
Omg baby you got that juicy fruit! It felt so good earlier, come on just let me slide back inside you before it gets too late.
by Ezduzit614 Mr06 June 04, 2014
Another term for a man's testicles.
That bitch just slapped me in my juicy fruits.
by The Joe 82 July 02, 2006
When a woman creams in a guy's face leaving the area around his mouth moist.
Man, I was going down on this girl last night, and she came in my face! Talk about a juicy fruit.
by AlphaWolf_01 March 12, 2011
a nice ass, sorta like a donk, but juicy, and it's another codename because if you be talkin to your buddies most girls know what donk is but if your like damn look at that juicyfruit and you have a pack a gum a girl wont notice ur checkin her ass out.
guy 1. damn this juicyfruit is tasty
guy 2. damn look at that juicyfruit over there
girl. what the hell are you guys going crazy over
both guys over this pack of hella tasty bubblegum

works all the time. . .
by nismodrift November 05, 2008
Juicy Fruit® is a trademarked brand of marijuana much like Bubble Gum® and Northern Lights®.
Tommy and Eric decided to get some Juicy Fruit from the coffee shop in Amsterdam
by SunShine December 28, 2004
Juicy Fruit*: The consummate gay male who finds himself in very sacred and close friendships with straight women, predominantly. He offers wit and sarcasm when things get tough, and always is free to express his opinion with his FF or FH because of the unconditional acceptance they have for each other.

The friendship of a true JF is highly prized for the pure affection that is untainted by sex. Every woman should have a JF! :)
My Juicy Fruit is my BFF...
by fruit fly10 September 12, 2010
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