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A sweet, caring, fat cat who always knows how to get you to pet him. Sometimes is a baby who gets mad when he doesn't get what he wants, but definitely worth it.
Mom: Lets get this cat!
Kid: lets name him Bubba!
Mom: why?
Kid: because he is soo fat!
by bubbalover:) July 15, 2011
1 13
The defenition of a short redneck. Is usally very pale and enjoys loud music. Dresses like a negro american and hangs out with tons of beaners. Really shy, only when it comes to talking to skanky girls. He isn't afraid to talk to the ugly ones.

Another word for hubba bubba bubbalicious gum! :D
Person 1: Have you been Bubba?

Person 2: Yeah, he's in lil mexico.


Person 1: Hubba Bubba
Person 2: Hubba Bubba!
Person 1: Hubba Bubba?
Person 2: Yeah, just Bubba.
by King of the Ghetto February 26, 2010
3 15
A nickname for a boy, usually the second born boy in the family. Given to the boy by his immediate and/or distant family members, it means
"Hmm you are way cuter than your brother"

Yet since immediate and/or distant family members cannot come out and straight up tell the older brother he is the less attractive being, they call the younger one BUBBA, a seemingly creepy name while in reality it is quite flattering.

"This is our eldest son....*PUSH* oh and this is BUBBA! Isn't he so adorable?!? He will succeed in life. LoveLOveLOVE"

by Keena N00b February 28, 2006
14 26
BUBBAA big ass black guy that shows you whats its like to be in prison
A big ass black guy that shows you whats its like to be in prison
by aaron October 14, 2004
13 25
A mini keg of beer sold in Canada.
(from commercial)
", beer, beer..."
by DJyellow October 14, 2003
14 26
1. A name you call a person when you get tired of calling them by their name
2. A random person that you don't know the name of
3. Random stereotype
1."Hi Dude"
"Hey Bubba"
'My names Max"
"yeah, i know"
2. "Whos that?"
"I dunno, a bubba?"
3. "AUG! Shes such a bubba!"
by lobsterluver January 24, 2011
0 13
The biggest myth since evolution, "Bubba" is what "they" use in scare stories about jail/prison. "They" is referring to the government, particularly law enforcement AKA Gestapo, and judges. Social workers also like to try to scare people with this hoax, although any idiot with an I.Q. of toenail clippings can see just how ludicrous this mythical figure really is. Stereotypically a 7'9, 350 lb, fat and/or musclebound, bald, hairy, white male who claims to be straight, but has a liking of male ass. Said to be extremely common, and has accomplices, known as "Jethro" and "Billy Bob", who are purported to hold a victim down for "Bubba" so he can rape his victim without a struggle. This creature is based on the fact that rapes sometimes occur as punishment for breaking the code of acceptable behavior of convicts. The fact of the matter is, the type of person who would fit the description of a Bubba is extremely rare, as most men never attain the height or weight of the creature. The average man is 5'10", 150 lbs. Larger men do come about, but rarely over 6'2", 190-210 lbs. Another hole in the creature's existence is the fact that a true straight man would not consider homosexual behavior, and gay or bisexual men are put in a separate cell block from genpop. Isolated accounts of encounters with the creature are mostly unverified. Interviews with former inmates also suggest that the creature, if it exists at all, is extremely rare.
one of "Them": you will go to prison, you will be raped by Bubba, and you will be a bitch for the rest of your pathetic life, SCUMBAG!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Enlightened Anarchist: Dude, you dont scare me, 'coz I know Bubba Is a hoax!!!

"Them": You'll find out, boy!!

Anarchist: Fool, You never been to prison, you dont know what the fuck your talkin about!

("They" shut the hell up)
by GSG-9 (ganja smoking group-9) November 01, 2010
5 18