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When you have two pair on the turn in poker and there's a chance that a full house will be revealed.
"I went for it because of the Stamos potential."
by soda September 09, 2004
To spell one's name in ejaculate on the chest of one's partner. Bonus points are earned if a stamp is wiped on the penis and then affixed to the partner's forehead.

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It cost me 37 cents, but it was definitely worth it to give her a Mexican Postmark.
by Soda November 11, 2004
a combination of polish horseshoes, redneck washers and jersey clams.

typically played by the ghetto set at BBQ's, tailgates and parole after-parties.
this week on belle isle, me and SPoKe tossed a sick game of bo'shizzle.
by SoDa August 11, 2003
a kind and loving man who was frame
Bubba: i love you!!
Soda: i wuvs you too!!
by Soda February 08, 2004
usally an little brother of a female cat
SOL-Badguy: sis
kitty: hmm?
by Soda February 08, 2004
PETA: A radical organization of animal rights (rights not welfare) activists who can be extremist with their views as they go through any possible attempt to convert the populous to vegan diet and end animal suffering world wide. They surprisingly do not commit violent or terroristic acts for that is clearly the ALF (Animal Liberation Front). Although Ingrid Newirk and the A.L.F. can easily be seen as insane, the idea that these people actually are actually this dedicated to a cause makes them a huge step above the rest of our apathetic and thereby worthless society. People will bash PETA but when it comes down to it, what are they doing in their free time? PETA has a huge misconception of it's actual stand-points on many issues and people are too stubborn to look into issues anymore. If they weren't though they would find the TRUE flaws PETA has in their system. Oh well.
Look at the PETA kids eating a veggiburger.
by Soda January 02, 2005
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