a bitch ass mother fucker... who sucks keiths ass all night.... and loves taking it from keith (his room mate)
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
One that refers to having no penis
A girl is a bryson Guys are never brysons
by john dorson October 04, 2009
big fat bitching nigger with man titties
That Bryson is a fucking cat fucking dick wad with a cuntbag stuck to his ass. god if he shares his milk with the rest of the world, there would be no world hunger.
by Ling Butt 69 April 25, 2008
To Bryson - Bri-son - To be bothered by the unwanted, unwelcome presence of another individual, especially with tendencies toward joining you and other parties bringing absolutely nothing of significance to the present conversation.
Dude, earlier, while we were talking about that bodacious babe, Brian Jarret came over and totally Brysoned us. I completely lost my train of thought due to his asinine bullshit.
by Pushin 50's Chick July 25, 2007
a last name meaning dirty backstabbing fucking liar
never be friends with a Bryson kid they will betray you
by fuckoff January 18, 2005
An outrageously lightweight, hen-pecked or effeminate individual. One who cannot handle ones drink/drugs and falls asleep easily. A person who is incapable of holding their own in a verbal battle of wits.

(opposite; macho)
He's not coming out clubbing tonight - he's doing a Bryson and staying in with the wife.

Look at the state of him. He's had 2 white wine spritzers and he's come over all Bryson.

Kiss my butt?? Is that all you have to say, you Bryson!?
by James Smith December 15, 2003
weird little fucker.
bryson is a total bryson
by vk,sckjlgssg April 26, 2008

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