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A brust (prounounced broost, broosty etc)
is a shortened word which derived from waterfall and is a method of smoking cannabis through a 2ltr bottle and is what people from norton and malton (including myself) smoke regulary.

to have a brust you must own some weed a 2 ltr bottle and a 14 milametre socket to place in the top of the bottle and place a gauze within the socket
hey man you coming for a brusty ?
yeah sure brusts are fucking awesome
by brust lord August 21, 2011
(n) a person who is so gay, he is not allowed to go out with his boys to watch a gay soccer match.
Hey, is Mike coming over for the World Cup? Nah...he's such a fuckin' Brust.
by O'Brennan June 18, 2010
Best definition is Roughneck,A pirate, scoundrel,bumvillainSometimes a Brust person is not neccasarilly a Bad person in society. and he's just crazy about something.
This guy is Brust!

by irooni,khaz January 05, 2008
Mr. Greg Brust is an interestingly weird teacher that is presently working at USM. Before he got married he had darker red hair and looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. But now he has moppy hair and decided to wear glasses.
Mr. Brust your soo cool.
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