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Another way of saying ok. Its roots come from the word "wokay" which then turned into "wok". This is the new and improved version of "wok"
Me: Hey, could u turn up the volume of the radio?
You: Wox! No problem.
by Huzaima August 23, 2007
Use this word when you are brain dead or really tired as a result of thinking too much. Brain and busted make up brusted.
Man I am really brusted, I have GOT to take a break!
by Huzaima July 26, 2007
To become addicted to Orkut
I'm totally orkuttified nowadays! I can't concentrate on anything else!
by Huzaima July 26, 2007
Use this word when you want to highly recommend something.
I hirec the chicken curry flavor of noodles man! Its awesome!

by Huzaima July 26, 2007
Another way of saying exactly. Influenced by actor Jaaved Jaafrey's use of the word "exactly" in the Bollywood movie "Salaam Namaste". He says "egg-chactly" instead of "exactly"
Asif: Man that new google ad was awesome!
Hank: Egg!
by Huzaima August 22, 2007

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