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5 definitions by Huzaima

Another way of saying ok. Its roots come from the word "wokay" which then turned into "wok". This is the new and improved version of "wok"
Me: Hey, could u turn up the volume of the radio?
You: Wox! No problem.
by Huzaima August 23, 2007
12 3
Use this word when you are brain dead or really tired as a result of thinking too much. Brain and busted make up brusted.
Man I am really brusted, I have GOT to take a break!
by Huzaima July 26, 2007
5 0
To become addicted to Orkut
I'm totally orkuttified nowadays! I can't concentrate on anything else!
by Huzaima July 26, 2007
4 2
Use this word when you want to highly recommend something.
I hirec the chicken curry flavor of noodles man! Its awesome!

by Huzaima July 26, 2007
3 2
Another way of saying exactly. Influenced by actor Jaaved Jaafrey's use of the word "exactly" in the Bollywood movie "Salaam Namaste". He says "egg-chactly" instead of "exactly"
Asif: Man that new google ad was awesome!
Hank: Egg!
by Huzaima August 22, 2007
5 23