A person who claims to be English, humoured by rest of the country, but every one knows they are actually welsh!
As boring as a Brummie
by jimmy 5 May 07, 2004
Top Definition
A person from Birmingham (UK). Distinguishable by the unique accent.
Steve's not a brummie, he lives 10 miles south of Birmingham.
by HiPhil June 27, 2006
A ledgendary person that comes from Birmingham, England
Wow, i wish i could be as kool as that brummie
by Andy July 13, 2003
A person who is from Birmingham (UK)
"you got a weird accent where you from Birmingham"
"yeah I'm a Brummie"
by Belinda April 24, 2005
The non-standard regional dialect associated with the English West Midlands city of Birmingham.
by stevethorne October 14, 2003
A person of little, if any intelligence or general importance in society. A person who can be easily bullied or victimised for either a) their accent or b) their general incompetence. A Brummie is a person who improves the lives of those around them, but only because they will fall up a stair and yell out loudly in pain, therefore adding to the hilarity of any situation.
That kid just fell down while standing still. He must be a Brummie
by Tampon Transformer May 09, 2009
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