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1) A thick bush of brown pubic hair on an old man that has been stained white through the years of excessive and successful masturbation/procrasturbation.

2) One with a god bestowed gift of thick, bountiful, plunderful, and wonderful pubic hairs.

3) One where the penis can not be found beneath the white forest of brubic hair.
1. "Dude, my brube is getting caught in my zipper!"

2. "Dude, my brube is breaking all my razors...."

by FantasticFourIncher December 22, 2011
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Facial hair that hangs from the chin in a greasy, stringy way which is reminiscent of scrotal hair.
Tom thinks he has a full grown king beard. Sure he may be growing it out but it is not filling in. We better advise him of his brubes.
by Sancho Panda November 29, 2011
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Gayle: Brittany, do you have brubes?
Brittany: YES! I am brown down there!
by gaylepwns March 02, 2007
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