A fun loving yet annoying brunette who likes to pinch.
Dude, I was at the beach yesterday and figured the greenheads would be out but man those brownheads were way worse.....
by slothajm September 22, 2006
The African American equivalant of A Blonde
So A and B are having a conversation

A: I have a question does this eviction notice mean I have to move?
B: OMG child you are such a Brown Head.....duh it mean you got to move you being put out.....God you stupid.
by dutchesst July 21, 2009
when a girl or a boy is being licked around the crotch region and he/she shits on the persons head who is licking him/her
Billy was eating Jen out and she shit on his head. Therefore, Jen gave Billy brown head
by harrycurns August 24, 2006
After anal sex, when the head of the penis is brown from being covered in feces.
I had such a brownhead after fucking Emily's ass!
by Omniverse March 20, 2005
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