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Freaking out in an uncontrollable neurotic ADHD manner similar to Hyperbole and a Half author Allie Brosh.
I threw my socks in the hamper and they wound up under my underwear and I wondered if they were judging me for that...then I realized I was just Broshing.
by CriminallyVu1gar November 28, 2010
bro + bashing

-The act of randomly teasing your friends about every single thing you can think of, no matter how insignificant it is.

-No matter if it's good or bad. If it's good you find a way to make it bad

-You may often find one particular thing to hate on them for and then make everything they do somehow related to that thing, so then you can tease them

-After all the teasing is done, you're always still cool with each other. Cause thats how broshing works!
"Dude you got a new hat!"

"I bet he got it from his gay lover!"

"Yeah, he sucks penis!!"

"Dude we are so broshing him!!!!"
by jiujitsujack September 05, 2009