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A really long job.
Funny how most people who call their job a career don't stop to realize that's all a Career is - just a really long job.
by JamesWeyand April 21, 2009
When you reach the point where you realize it's the same old thing over and over again, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after...
After three months at his new job, Tom realized he was becoming a job zombie.
by JamesWeyand October 12, 2009
That line of 3 or more girls you see at a party who are following each other through the party. Much like ducklings to a mother duck.
You typically see chicklings at parties or even clubs when the chicks in the following role are automatically "led" by the lead chick - they don't know where they are going - the chick in front of them is moving so they automatically follow and that is their security blanket.
by JamesWeyand April 21, 2009
Female version of Broski. A female who can hang with the guys. Typically, no sexual relationship accompanies this definition as this female is more like a brother than a sexual interest.
He: “What’s up Broshe?”

She: “ Dude, I’m in for windsurfing with you guys at the gorge this weekend.”
by JamesWeyand August 12, 2011

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