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Freaking out in an uncontrollable neurotic ADHD manner similar to Hyperbole and a Half author Allie Brosh.
I threw my socks in the hamper and they wound up under my underwear and I wondered if they were judging me for that...then I realized I was just Broshing.
by CriminallyVu1gar November 28, 2010
A storm surge is when a concept is so stupid it actually baffles the intelligent due to its egregious stupidity.
She said that evolution is bogus because monkeys don't grow up to be people. Total storm surge.
by CriminallyVu1gar May 29, 2009
synonym for double; especially when the user accidentally tries to say triple and is too retarded to even type that right.
I hope he gets tiple digit points.
by Criminallyvu1gar November 18, 2010
Unusually bigoted, closed minded or racist, weaselly or ferret-like.
Can you believe that joke he told yesterday about unemplyed mexicans? How ferretian.
by CriminallyVu1gar May 31, 2009
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