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Bros drinking brews on the roof. An engagement where brothers, fraternal or otherwise, seek to imbibe whilst on the roof of one's homestead, apartment, or otherwise.
G: Hey Niels, want to grab a few red stripes and head up to the roof?

N: Sure thing bro. I'll call Mark and see if we wants to join us for an old fashioned broof session.
by hoodatninja April 23, 2011
A Bro when he's here, and a Goof when he is gone...

so somone you are act nice to when they are around, but talk mad shit about when they are gone
your boy lester is a broof mang
by SuperCurtis420 April 28, 2009
Slang for Marijuana or getting high.
*coughing/choaking* That's some good broof.

Hey buddy! Wanna broof?
by Maj. Tom September 22, 2009
the barking sound a dog makes
The dog barked 'broof'.
by ferianala January 14, 2007
anal sex in the most uncommon way, using a carrot to penetrate the ass untill it comes out of the mangina, then inserting the penis and doing it the nice hardcore philopesian way
when i come home from a long day of work sweeping the shit off jack mehoffs front porch! i like to get out my shout gun kill sum indins and broof my kiddy kat!
by the parsh February 02, 2003
a small cuddly thing related to the 'brau'
hey broof, what's happening
by mx November 12, 2003
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