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Male fanatics of an animated show for little girls called My Little Pony. They are either homosexuals/bisexuals or heterosexuals who will be converted into homosexuals/bisexuals in the future.

They will defend this with the pride they do not have and claim that you have a masculinity complex and are afraid to be effeminate because you'll look gay. This is a contradiction since everyone knows that there are masculine gay's also e.g. (Prison).

Most of them seem to have bestiality fetishes and even worse pedophilia, this can be seen in the memes made by bronies which sexualise the show and receive many likes and comments by bronies e.g. (any meme website that allows such content).
This is one of the lighter posts (not too sexualised)
Meme Website:
Post = My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - What pony do you would kiss?

Likes = Over 20

Brony Comments -

2.No question, I would kiss AJ. And I would make the absolute most of it. To the point where it would make Big Mac a little uncomfortable.

3.If i was a girl… or gay… i would totally kiss shining armour to piss the living hell out of cadence… sounds gay… but cmon, that would be hilarious.
(now here you can see how this show slowly alters the mind, "If i was a girl... or gay" - don't worry continue like this and you will be)
by (>'0')> February 20, 2013
The term used to describe a fan(usually of the older kind, male or female) of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

It is the combination of the words 'bro' and 'pony'

Although 'bro' may refer to males, the term 'brony' is gender-neutral, and thus it may be applied to the male and female fans of the show.

"Brony" is the singular form of "Bronies"

The term was coined on 4chan's /co/ board.
Brony A: "Dude, just finished watching the first season of MLP:FiM!"
Brony B: "Cool! So who do you think is the best pony?"
Brony A mentions the pony they think is best.
Brony B Agrees and exclaims: "Brohoof!"
The bronies then brohoof, similar to a high five.
by Krystal D June 29, 2011
Fans of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
According to BronyStudy, the age of bronies ranges from 14 to 57, with the average age being 21 years old. The fandom is predominantly male, with approximately 86% of bronies being male. The term "brony" applies to both the male and female fans of the show, although the term "pegasister" is occasionally used to identify the female fans.
There is a large misconception in the sexual orientation of bronies, as many non-bronies and anti-bronies claim that bronies are gay. The truth is that, according to BronyStudy, approximately 84% of bronies described themselves as heterosexual, 1.7% described themselves as homosexual, 10.3% described themselves as bisexual and 3.8% as asexual. This is about an average distribution of sexual orientation.
"I started watching MLP:FiM yesterday."
"Oh, so you're a brony?"
by bjshnog July 30, 2012
Fans of the show My Little Pony. Bronies differ from typical fans of the show because they are older than a typical fan of the show should be, and most of them are male, while a typical fan would be a little girl.

Bronies often shove the the fact that they are Bronies in everyone's faces by posting pictures of the show in forums, making their profile pictures of one of the characters, and generally bringing up the fact that they are a fan of the show, usually when no one asked or is even interested in knowing that they are Bronies.

I don't care that you like the show, personally I don't like it, but I won't condemn those who do, but seriously, not everyone needs to know that you are a Brony. Don't act like you are a suppressed minority or something. Just enjoy the show with fellow fans and leave it at that.
Online forum about a video game:

User 1: Hey I found a bug in the game that needs to be fixed.

User 2: What was the bug you found?

Brony: It will be fixed. Now, who here saw yesterday's episode of MLP?

User 1: Um, this topic is about a glitch in the game, not about some TV show. You Bronies need to relax.

Brony: How dare you! We Bronies will not be suppressed! We are normal people just like everyone else!

User 2: I'm sure you are, but your post was irrelevant to the topic. If you want to discuss MLP, go on a MLP forum and discuss it there.
by iduncurr March 18, 2013
Typically the term for older or grown-up, male fans of the "My little Pony" franchise. But since there is no common and nalog term for female fans of the show, brony can as well be used gender-neutral.
random Fan #1: Well, although i am male and grown-up, i actually like wathing this new "My little Pony" show.

rndom fan #2: Don't worry, it's cool! We also do. Welcome to the herd, brony.
by Doc Chopper June 29, 2011
A fan of the popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated show, developed by Lauren Faust.

Usually enjoys taking part in communities related to the show.

May or may not use a name inspired by the show and/or an image from the show as an avatar.

Typically tries to stay open minded, civil and tolerant.

Word comes from "bro" and "pony", but applies to both genders.
Person A: Hey, is that My Little Pony that you're watching?
Person B: Yeah, I'm a brony. The show was developed by Lauren Faust, who was involved with Powerpuff Girls. The animation is above average, and it isn't dumbed down as most animated shows these days. Give it a try, you might like it.
by The Great and Powerful Trixie August 16, 2011
Bronies are the teenage and adult fans (mostly male) of the television show, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"
Though the term "brony" is gender-neutral, some female fans instead refer to themselves as "Pegasisters"
Bronies are generally people who decide to judge something on its quality, instead of whether it's "cool" or "manly" enough.
I'm a brony and I'm proud of it.
by Superjerk February 15, 2012
Fans of the new iteration of the "My Little Pony" franchise; the catch being they are outside than the target demographic (often male 13-30). "Brony" is a gender-neutral term (though for females "bronette" is sometimes used). Formed from the words bro and pony.

Bronies, unlike /b/tards, tend to NOT hate everyone on their sites, and seem to have Unitarian Unviersalist-esque values.

According to KYM, Bronies is at the level of "Internet Subculture" (same level as furries).

Contrary to popular belief, not all bronies have a fetish for horses, or even furry fetishes.
I am a brony.
by Ponky Poo July 10, 2011