A Brony is any fan of the animated television series, My little pony. This word mostly applies to anyone outside of the shows age and/or gender grouping. Bronies come in all sexual preferences and are actually sorted through multiple subcategories

-hipster bronies: these bronies are supposed to have watched the show during its first airing in season 1 of gen 4, or before that.

Creatives: Any musician, Artist, story writer, animator, or fane designer who is a member of the community falls under here. Regardless if they create pony related items.

Obsessive: This class of Brony is not all that bad. They often speak about the show to try and get others to watch, but will remain silent if asked politely.

Cloppers: these are fans that is one half of the reason people dissaprove of bronies. They enjoy the...uh.... More adult of the Internet and are commonly known for their.... Expressive enjoyment of the show.

Radical bronies/ Brony Nazi's: these are the other half of the reason people dispise the bronies, these are the bronies that get on the nerve of other bronies. Often trying to shove pony related material down people's throats and meet any aggression with fire and brimstone. Trust me, no Brony likes these fuckers either.

Anti-Brony: these are guys who hate the show and everything it has made with a fiery passion. They are often just trolls wanting to mess with others. But some have serious hatred for the show and its fans.
" I never knew Ryan was a Brony. Don't you think he is a bit old for that stuff? "
by Novus sempriternal September 08, 2015
A Brony is a male person who is a fan of the TV series named My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, typically at the age of 13 or older. If you're female on the other hand, you would be known as a Pegasister. The plural for this term is Bronies, and the plural for the female term is Pegasisters.

The Internet.

The exact date of its origin is unknown, but it came into usage somewhere after the year 2010.
The word consists of two terms: Brother (Bro) + Pony.
Pronunciation: Bro-Knee
Example 1: Hey mate. Did you know that my father is a Brony?
Example 2: Hey mate. Did you know that my mother is a Pegasister?
by James William Smith January 12, 2015
A way to keep your virginity.
Boy: I'm a brony.
Girl: *Walks away
Boy: GOD DAMMIT! This happens with every girl!
by Arllycoolusername May 20, 2016
A fan of the popular show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, fans tend to be male, form the ages of 14 and up. They are often found on sites like tumblr, facebook, twitter, anywhere you would go. They tend to get alot of hate through at them for no reason, mostly from trolls that cant get a life. Bronys are however a wonderful group that you can easily get along with, even if you don't like the show. Many are artistically talented and have a well functioning community. Bronys often add eachother as friends simply because of being a brony. Bronys are a fine example of how a society should function.

Unfortunately there are some who call themselves anti-bronys. usually a 7 year old that is mad because he can't get his way. The like to infiltrate and ruin things from the inside. Think of your bronys as capitalist america and the anti-bronys as every communist nation in the world. anti-bronys use common insults such as (faggot, homo,queer,horse fucker,ect.). warrning if you see an anti brony on a website or a game server, perma-ban at once.
Brony:*joins server*Hey guys whats up, anyone like mlp?
non-brony:not a fan but I don't hate it Im just not into it
anti-brony: Faggot go kill your self you horse fucker!
Brony: hey thats really unpleasant and rude.
anti-brony: Shut up you faggot. kill your self
Brony2: hey thats not nice you shouldn't say that to people
anti-brony: go eat a dick fag
ADMIN: *bans anti-brony for harassment and being annoying. duration: permanent*
Brony: yay!
by Empress Celestia July 08, 2015
A male viewer of the show "my little pony: friendship is magic" Stereotyped to be either pedofiles or gay. However a brony is simply a male who enjoys watching this show.
Hey dude did you catch that new episode?
Yes man, twilight sparkle was soooo rad
I am soooo happy I'm a brony
by samisnotmyname March 29, 2015
A male fan of the popular cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are often critisized online for this particular interest. Bronies are simply regular people who enjoy a certain show, regardless if they're the target audience or not.
Male 1: Are you seriously watching My Little Pony? That shows for little girls!
Brony: It's actually really good.

Male 1: Pfft, what're you, gay?
Brony: Nope. Just a simple brony who likes a cartoon.
by CommanderHange June 02, 2016
A 13+ male who has an obsessive interest in the show "my little Pony: friendship is magic" which is a show made for little girls. These people are the worst kind of people, and will push their subculture onto other people for no reason, often derailing a conversation or forum that has nothing to do with the dumb show.

These people often have nothing to do with their lives but obsess over their foolish hobby and post about it all over the Internet.

These are the worst type of people and should be avoided at all costs.
Person 1: I'm thinking of buying a new tv, the one I've got now is getting kind of old.

Person 2: Oh yeah cool you should get one of those plasma-screen ones.

Brony: I could help but overhear you were talking about TV. Did you catch the latest episode of "My Little Pony"? Omg it was just the best, Rainbow Dash was just the best, I just spent all my savings buying MLP merchandise.

Person 1: Jesus fucking Christ...
by DongerWings June 08, 2016
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