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A bunch of whiny ass pedophiles who watch "My Little Pony". They assume all the haters are ignorant and make them watch the show, but after they did, they still shit on them for hating it.
Brony: Just watch it!
Anti Brony: I did! I hate it still!
Brony: But what's not to like!?
Anti Brony: Everything!
Brony: Just let us like what we want to like!
Anti Brony: ...
by aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh February 10, 2014
An adult fan of my little pony: friendship is magic, usually male. Generally more accepting than others, and Will greet other bronies with a 'brohoof' (a brofist, but called hoof because of ponies having hooves) the fandom itself has music art, fanfictions and conventions, as well as a radio station called 'everfree network' there are also female bronies, though some prefer to be called pegasisters. The name 'brony' is an amalgamation of 'bro' and 'pony' as pegasister is of 'pegasus' (a type of pony) and 'sister' most bronies are between 16 and early 30's with exceptions, but as the first bronies get older, the upper age limit will increase. The bronies are as diverse as can be, there are homosexuals, bi- and heterosexuals, furries and non-furries, gamers and trolls, military servicemen, doctors, music artists, and even a rocket scientist! They can be classed into three main groups: creatives, moderates, and hipsters. For more information on these groups look at 'let's go and meet the bronies' by JanAnimations on YouTube. When a Brony admits this fact to family and friends, it is known as coming out, or 'joining the herd' although this should not be confused with a homosexual coming out. See also: Clopping. 
'hey, y'know Gary from the football team? He came out as a Brony!'
'no way! That hottie from the computer club joined the herd to, she's a pegasister! Resistance is futile!'
by S.Worthwords July 29, 2013
A male fan of my little pony specifically,it's reboot friendship is magic
"I myself first found males watching fim is odd but I gave the show and try and have officially become one

Of them...a brony"
by UrbanZoo February 09, 2014
A fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Generally they like to have conversations with each other about the show or post fan art. They are generally persecuted by those who either believe that they're the "Rulers of the Internet" or by those who have nothing better to do. They get persecuted because many people believe that they are fans of the older Generations that were all sparkles and glitter and rainbows all over the place, when in fact they are fans of the newest generation that is somewhat similar to reality, along with the fact that it has better plots, good animation, and not much of a girlish figure in it. Bronies that are getting persecuted will generally remain calm and use logic and reason to end that current persecution. They typically remain within their own forums, but sometimes they reach out on other forums every once-in-a-while and post at least one thing there in hopes of bringing more fans of MLP into their forums.
Brony 1: Hey, how's it going?
Brony 2: Not much. Have you seen that new episode?
Brony 1: Yes, it was pretty good.
Persecuter: hey all u bronys are gay ha ha ha
Brony 1: Dude, we are not all homosexual. There are some bronies that are homosexual, but not all of us.
Persecuter: whatever dudes ur all fags you all like all that rainbow and glitter sh*t on that show
Brony 2: Have you even seen the show? That's not what this current generation is about; those are from the last ones.
Persecutor: u guys are such fags get a life
Brony 1: Dude.. Why are you even here? You claim that we have no lives, yet here you are constantly making fun of us.
Brony 2: Seriously dude, just leave us alone. Our interests shouldn't concern you at all, so just leave..
Persecutor: fine.. ill leave..
Brony 1: Thank you.
by Alpha-ZachRP November 06, 2012
A brony is an adolescent or adult male who is a fan of the show "My Little Ponies." The fact that they exist shouldn't at all be surprising because the vast majority of adults enjoy watching some cartoons made for children. Men who fall into this category have no problem accepting that fact, and they're generally very chill, cool guys. A few are still secretly bronies because they don't want to be viewed as strange or different. As with all groups of fans, there exists a small offshoot of people who are perverted and deranged. These are referred to as pervonies. They consist of fan fiction writers and fan artists whose work is filled with sexually explicit and/or macabre subject matter loosely based on the "My Little Ponies" cartoon. This group also includes consumers of such material.
"Hey man, I heard you like My Little Ponies. Isn't a guy fan of that show called a brony?"

"Yeah. It's actually pretty cool. You should check it out."

"I dunno. It sounds kinda gay to me"

"Uh-huh. And I heard you're a fan of Sailor Moon and Pokemon. What's the difference? Ponies and kid's little anime characters seem on the same level to me."

"You got me there bro. I might check out a youtube clip or something."
by Vertigo Girl January 26, 2013
Combination of Bro and Pony. A male fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Bronies typically are (but not limited to) ages 15-30. Many people regard bronies as "creepy" or as "pedophiles" but this is not true at all. The reason My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is so popular among older male viewers, is because it doesn't market itself for little girls, it has great character development, it's funny as hell, and it's just plain entertaining. Anybody who judges a brony obviously has not seen the show for themselves or is too insecure to risk their "manliness" by watching MLP.
1) That guy is a brony what a creep

2)Shut up man, you obviously haven't seen the show. It's really good.

1)Whatever dude. (*Thinks about how he wants to watch the show, but is too insecure about what people will think of him.)
by laz3rb33m November 24, 2011
A faggot that masturbates to porn of a 9-year-old kids' show then shoves it in everyones' face. Bronies are easily identified in public by their fedora, excessive weight, neckbeard, and faded MLP t-shirt that's been ejaculated on many times.

Normal Person: Ew! I really don't want to see that! Please leave!

by Fuk U Bigot May 24, 2014