A unisex term for adult and/or mature fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Some people prefer to use the term brony to refer to strictly male fans, this is incorrect, as the term was coined in 2011 to refer to a non-gendered group. Brony is a term for anyone.
That brony really likes your mane.
by Zephyter0 April 09, 2015
A male viewer of the show "my little pony: friendship is magic" Stereotyped to be either pedofiles or gay. However a brony is simply a male who enjoys watching this show.
Hey dude did you catch that new episode?
Yes man, twilight sparkle was soooo rad
I am soooo happy I'm a brony
by samisnotmyname March 29, 2015
An adult fan of my little pony: friendship is magic, usually male. Generally more accepting than others, and Will greet other bronies with a 'brohoof' (a brofist, but called hoof because of ponies having hooves) the fandom itself has music art, fanfictions and conventions, as well as a radio station called 'everfree network' there are also female bronies, though some prefer to be called pegasisters. The name 'brony' is an amalgamation of 'bro' and 'pony' as pegasister is of 'pegasus' (a type of pony) and 'sister' most bronies are between 16 and early 30's with exceptions, but as the first bronies get older, the upper age limit will increase. The bronies are as diverse as can be, there are homosexuals, bi- and heterosexuals, furries and non-furries, gamers and trolls, military servicemen, doctors, music artists, and even a rocket scientist! They can be classed into three main groups: creatives, moderates, and hipsters. For more information on these groups look at 'let's go and meet the bronies' by JanAnimations on YouTube. When a Brony admits this fact to family and friends, it is known as coming out, or 'joining the herd' although this should not be confused with a homosexual coming out. See also: Clopping. 
'hey, y'know Gary from the football team? He came out as a Brony!'
'no way! That hottie from the computer club joined the herd to, she's a pegasister! Resistance is futile!'
by S.Worthwords July 29, 2013
A cocksucking dicktasting fuckshitting doucheslutting gayhoarder immature piece of shit fan of the show meant for 6 year old girls, MLP.
Person 1: omg I'm such a brony

by supercoolkid60 November 27, 2014
A man who is normally only comfortable being in a committed relationship with pinky pie.
Brony loves pinky pie and would do anything for her. They are OTP.
by PineappleJuice March 14, 2015
Combination of Bro and Pony. A male fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Bronies typically are (but not limited to) ages 15-30. Many people regard bronies as "creepy" or as "pedophiles" but this is not true at all. The reason My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is so popular among older male viewers, is because it doesn't market itself for little girls, it has great character development, it's funny as hell, and it's just plain entertaining. Anybody who judges a brony obviously has not seen the show for themselves or is too insecure to risk their "manliness" by watching MLP.
1) That guy is a brony what a creep

2)Shut up man, you obviously haven't seen the show. It's really good.

1)Whatever dude. (*Thinks about how he wants to watch the show, but is too insecure about what people will think of him.)
by laz3rb33m November 24, 2011
A male fan of my little pony specifically,it's reboot friendship is magic
"I myself first found males watching fim is odd but I gave the show and try and have officially become one

Of them...a brony"
by UrbanZoo February 09, 2014

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