Bro + Pony = Brony
Male fans of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" on the G4 network.
There is nothing wrong with a grown man enjoying a show about pre-pubescent cartoon ponies and their numerous adventures aimed solely at the little girl fanbase and that fanbase alone. But there are some lines that have been crossed, lines that we thought we wouldn't have to point out, like Pony Porn.

Yeah, you read that right. PONY. PORN. A fetish is a fetish, and it's fine so long as it doesn't hurt anybody, but the bronies never considered that little girls, maybe six or seven years old that still believe that babies come from a delivery stork, would encounter Pony Porn and ask their parents about it.

Secondly, the bronies act like MLP is marketed to THEM, not little girls. Leave it to an army 13-30 year-old males to appropriate a show made for little girls.
littlegirl: Mommy, what's this?

*shows her a picture of one cartoon pony eating out the other, which could only be made by a Brony. I mean who else would draw a picture of that?*

mother: OHMYGOD JESSICA WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT?! You are not allowed to watch that show EVER AGAIN. DO YOU HEAR ME?!

litlegirl: But mommy...

mother: I said NO, Jessica. Now show me where you found that picture.
by GettingRealTiredOfYourShit April 18, 2014
A male fan of my little pony specifically,it's reboot friendship is magic
"I myself first found males watching fim is odd but I gave the show and try and have officially become one

Of them...a brony"
by UrbanZoo February 09, 2014
a brony is a fan of the show my little poney; they all are extreamly gay. it can be used as a term for asking for anal rape. most fans are usually retards with a lack of any sense.
yesterday i saw a bunch of bronys on chat roulete, i almost vomited
by kamiguru March 04, 2012
Combination of Bro and Pony. A male fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Bronies typically are (but not limited to) ages 15-30. Many people regard bronies as "creepy" or as "pedophiles" but this is not true at all. The reason My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is so popular among older male viewers, is because it doesn't market itself for little girls, it has great character development, it's funny as hell, and it's just plain entertaining. Anybody who judges a brony obviously has not seen the show for themselves or is too insecure to risk their "manliness" by watching MLP.
1) That guy is a brony what a creep

2)Shut up man, you obviously haven't seen the show. It's really good.

1)Whatever dude. (*Thinks about how he wants to watch the show, but is too insecure about what people will think of him.)
by laz3rb33m November 24, 2011
A crazy pedophile with terrible hygiene that likes to watch my little pony porn, (YES, it actually exists..) someone who completely gave up on life, and wastes their days surrounded with my little pony shit. Usually an older man who has the mentality of a two year old, or with the IQ of a rock.
Person 1: "WTF man why are you beating off to my little ponies?
Brony: "They turn me on, I love them, swear they are the sexiest creatures on the planet!"
Person 1: "Man.. that shits just fucked up..women are the sexiest creatures alive."
Brony "Don't hate on me just cuz I'm cooler then you, you know nothing."
Person 1: "I know you've been spending your life looking for a life, and STILL haven't found one!"
Person 2 "Right? he is such a brony!!
by YeaaaIMMAhatr300 February 12, 2014
A bunch of whiny ass pedophiles who watch "My Little Pony". They assume all the haters are ignorant and make them watch the show, but after they did, they still shit on them for hating it.
Brony: Just watch it!
Anti Brony: I did! I hate it still!
Brony: But what's not to like!?
Anti Brony: Everything!
Brony: Just let us like what we want to like!
Anti Brony: ...
by aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh February 10, 2014
A male who is a highly obsessed fan of My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic which age can range about 12-30 but some of them can get butthurt at you if you insult/express you're opinion about the show, their fanbase, and or themselves. It usually depends on the person at certain points.
A friend: Errr what the fuck am I watching?
Brony: Dude this show is awesome look at the animation and the characters have great dialogue.
A friend: Sorry but I don't think I'll like this show it kind of seems a bit off for me.
Brony: Oh well everyone has their own opinions and interests.

A guy: Dude why the fuck are you watching a show for little girls?
Brony: Because I think the show is well animated and has a great dialogue.
A guy: You're probably gay for watching that girly show.

Brony: Oh my god like I love this show a lot!!! BROHOOF! /)
A guy: Uh.... I don't mean to offend anyone but I feel that I don't like watching this seems a bit off from my perspective.
Brony: Fuck are just hating this show, because you are jealous that you didn't come up with such a masterpiece!
A guy: Err wtf are you talking about?

Brony: STFU HATER!! Your mom probably didn't love you and you're hating on such a beautiful work of art just to get attention and I will love and tolerate the shit out of you!

A friend: Man...that show is great.
Brony: Awesome Ain't it?
by A Guetemalan Toaster April 22, 2013

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