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A fan of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Often male, but female fans are not uncommon. (plural: bronies)

Bronies usually show a want to be accepted as normal people, but don't appear to realise that to be treated the same as anyone else, they need to stop making sure everyone knows and remembers that they are a brony at all times, without fail. They also don't appear to understand that most people don't appreciate the internet being taken over by their fandom, which is another main cause for the hate of bronies.
Person: Oh hey, you seem pretty okay, want to talk?
Brony: Oh, hi! By the way, I'm a brony.
Person: Uh, thats... cool?
Brony: yeah, I watch FiM every day. Hey, who's your favorite pony?
Person: Uh... I don't watch it.

Brony: Oh, I should show you! Let me show you it, you'll love it forever!
Person: No really, I'm fine... can we talk about something else?
Brony: Ooh, look, something that looks vaguely pony shaped! It looks just like -pony name-!
Person: Okay... I'm done. *Walks away*

(In case you haven't noticed yet, this is a HINT. Please, bronies, listen to me, for the sake of yourselves and everyone else)
by HintHint September 05, 2013
A male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are mostly in the ages of 13-30, and enjoy the show, the fan art, the fanbase, ect. Tough, there is a lot of bullshit going on. The brony thing has only been around ever since October 10th 2010 (the day MLP FiM first aired), and it has become one of, or the, biggest fandom ever. There is a shit-ton of hate towards bronies. And not just people behind their computers. No, people behind their computers, except they dedicate their lives to it. There are Tumblr accounts, Youtube pages, Small websites, and other sources of Internet crap, that update almost EVERY day about how "gay" ALL bronies are. When in reality, most bronies are heterosexuals that just enjoy a show. I'm not in anyway a brony, nor do I hate bronies. But I'm starting to see posts that don't have anything to do with bronies, saying all kinds of stupid bullshit lies. There are a fuck-ton of pony posts on non-pony things too, but at least THOSE posts aren't death threats to innocent people that just watch television like EVERYONE READING THIS THING. The pony posts are easy to ignore anyway. I have met a lot a bronies though, whether it was online, or in person, I have spoken to them for countless hours too, and all of them (besides the ones of 4chan, obviously) were all nice, loving people. And those bronies go to BroNYcon in New York. Yes, it's THAT popular. And those bronies just talk about the show. They don't go around fucking horses.
While I am defending bronies, they are pretty fucked up, though. No offense. But it still seems strange, even to me. And I've been talking to them for over a year. Only like 5% masturbate to pony porn, but who the Hell doesn't use the Internet for porn anyway? There are some bronies that just take it too far, like carrying around the plastic toys in public. Wearing the shirts is fine, but fur-suites are... Yeah. Anyway, like I said before, they go to cons and stuff. Which means THEY GO OUTSIDE. And the anti-bronies mimic the bronies. In such: The bronies spend a lot of their time doing pony stuff, spreading love and crap, so the anti-bronies do the same, but with hatred instead of love. Which means if the bronies draw art of the ponies having fun, the anti-bronies draw art of the ponies getting mutilated which is just fucking gross. And the worst thing is the bronies go outside and draw stuff like murals when they are allowed to, so the anti-bronies deface said murals and vandalise all kinds of pony-stuff. And this is real life I'm talking about. All the work put into some awesome drawing and it gets illegally destroyed. All just because someone likes something someone else doesn't. Disgraceful. So I'm just gonna put this short: Bronies are annoying sometimes, and they can be creeps, but I'd rather spend my whole life being a douche-brony than be around the fucktard anti-bronies. There are nice anti-bronies too, though.
by Mister Cookie November 05, 2012
An adult male fan of the 4th generation version of the show "My Little Pony". There are many kinds of bronies, such as Passive Bronies who care about the opinions of others and just watch the show, then there are the nazi bronies who obsess over it, Turn Unrelated Characters Into Ponies, and spam it on unrelated websites and try to assimilate people. Anti Brony Groups Have Been Established, Tho Half Of Them Can't Tell Right From Wrong.
(Passive Brony) " Hey Do You Watch MLP?"
(Non Brony) "Nah, Not My Slice Of Pie"
(Passive Brony) "I Respect That, Just You Should Try It Sometime"
(Passive Brony) *Sees Nazi Brony* "That Guy Is Why We Are Hated On The Internet, Don't Listen To Him, Go Hide Now, Plz"
(Non Brony) "Ok"
(Passive Brony) *Gets Out SPAS-12 And Fires At Nazi Brony* "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things! Your A Disgrace To Our Fandom!"

(Nazi Brony) "Fourm Mods Asleep, Force Ponies."
by OddOddishIsOdd December 29, 2013
The term "Bronies" can also refer to a group of Stand Up Paddleboarders from Fredericksburg, VA.
"Yo man, you wanna go surf first drop on the rapp?"
"Naw dude, can't. The bronies own that wave."
by Broniesup November 03, 2013
A teen or adult male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Like with any other fandom, along with the Brony community, there is a "hater" community as well. Unfortunately, most (and I mean most, because some bronies are nice people) Bronies, fail to realize that the Anti-Bronies have just as much of a right to express their opinion
as the bronies themselves do. Bronies get ridiculed on the internet because of a simple drive in the male mind to like guy things. They tell the anti-Bronies to watch the show, and when they do, some get converted to a brony, and some wind up wanting to pull out their intestines with a fork. When confronted, bronise will usually say things like "love and tolerate" to annoy the anti-Bronies into making them stop. They fail to realize that some bronies are infinitely more annoying than said "haters"
by WeegeetheKid July 19, 2013
A male fan of the show "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic"

Bronies are well known for their furry-like behavior in that they are fans of the anthropomorphic ponies (which bronies often deny). The ponies are considered as such due to their ability to operate and speak on a human level of intelligence, but also due to the categorization of "feral" or "nonmorphic" anthro status. Among other furry-like tendencies of the bronies include: conventions dedicated to their beloved characters, role-play, clop (yiff), tons of fan art/animations/fanfictions (with a high porn to clean ratio), making fursuits and other merchandise (in some cases) and website after website made and run by members of their community.

Famous stereotypes regard the bronies involve: being fat neckbearded virgins living in their basements, spending most of their time collecting My Little Pony toys and masturbating to pony porn. Though the assumptions of their physical appearance are not really true in many cases, the rumors regarding their social ineptitude and tendencies to meet their lovers online (yet another furry trait), as well as the masturbation, seems to be true.
Person 1: I saw your pony shirt. Are you a brony?
Person 2: Why yes, I am indeed a brony.
Person 1: Is it true that you are a furry?
Person 2: No...
Person 1: Heh, then what's with the furry characters?
Person 2: They aren't furry, they're just ponies!
by Dredjir August 19, 2013
The group of male cartoon viewers that watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are often categorized as fedora wearing, memeloving, friendzoned douchebags. The show recently called them out in a song about how you can do nice things for the sake of being nice and not expecting anything in return. Kind of like how you can befriend a girl without her being obligated to put out. So you know, go clop yourselves for taking over the fandom meant for children.
In the episode "Rarity takes manehattan, an example of a brony is shown at 4:00, he has his collar up, a douchey fedora and grumpy cat cutie mark.

6 year old girl: I just love Pinkie Pie, she is so funny!
Brony 1: I love FIM more those little girls couldn't name even a dozen ponies, only the mane 6, I know all the background ponies
25 year old woman: I like ponies too, I had an original applejack from the 80's, I had the vhs tapes, I watch it with my niece it's so great!
Brony 1: lol true fans, omg make a big mac toy, the show is great but kind of sexist no boy pony toys :(
by appledash January 06, 2014