People who have jumped on the My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic bandwagon, they are usually 14-40, 99% of Bronies are anti-social virgins who force there beliefs upon one. They are often laughed upon in real life non-internet users.
MLP Fanboy(Bronie): Hey i watch My Little Pony, i can also sing the themetue in German.

Class: *Laughs*

MLP Fanboy(Bronie): Cries in the corner of his room at night complaining in various forums.
by ieatpeoplebecauseican January 09, 2012
A male fan of the series, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."
"Dude, are you a member of the herd?"

"Yeah, I'm a Bronie"
Fist-bumps are exchanged and both say; "Bro-hoof"
by ZeroIntrest July 17, 2011
A male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Also a failed spelling of "Brony".

A Brony refers to ONE Brony.
Bronies refers to TWO or MORE Bronies.
Bronie refers to someone who can't utilize proper spelling.
If anyone starts worshiping or bitching about bronies, and they say "bronie" referring to one brony, don't listen to them. They clearly haven't done enough research and will most likely fuck up whatever they're trying to prove.
by Mister Cookie November 05, 2012
An adult man who is into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Can be found in the bowels of 4chan that is /b/ as well as most other image boards across the web.
Mark is a total Bronie, he's been watching My Little Pony all day.
by PicklesRTasty May 31, 2011
A misspelling of the word "Brony" which refers to a male (usually adult) viewer of the TV program "My Little Pony's 2010 reboot known as "Friendship is Magic.
"Dude, you spelled brony wrong."
"No I didn't, look Bronie: B-R-O-N-I-E"
"No, man, it's Brony: B-R-O-N-Y"
by TheUltraBulba February 07, 2013
Bronies are adult men who use the little girl cartoon "My Little Pony" to groom children to molest them.
by BroniesArePedophiles June 10, 2012
A "man" who loves My Little Pony. He also loves cats and all of their fabulous glory. This "man" will usually pass out before the children's bedtime and after only downing 2 Bartles & Jaymes Berry Melon Bonanzas.
"Tonight on SportsCenter ..... LSU wins over Florida. And this just in: A bird legged man gets demoted thanks to a cat loving Bronie who became a "man" for the first time in 36 years"

"Nacy is such a Bronie."
by BillyBoBinkins October 12, 2013
A male who is strangely addicted to watching 'My Little Pony' .
This usually refer's to the series of 'Friendship is Magic' .
These bronies will tend to 'brohoof' other bronies as a sign of acceptance in there bronie world. After the first 2 episode's you will be addicted! No matter what happens... There is no cure for this disease. The episode's are so addicting because satin has cursed them. 65% of bronies tend to turn gay after finishing season 2. These bronies have no girlfriends. Or they hide there identity of being a bronie. a TRUE BRONIE is proud of who they are. They don't change becuz of what people tell him. BRONIES ARE USUALLY TEEN AGE BOYS TO VERY OLD/GROWN MEN. THAT HAVE A REAL PENIS. IF YOU ARE A TEEN BRONIE YOU DON'T GROW A DICK TELL U ARE 60.

Example #1

(On the phone)

"Hey dude, wanna go skateboarding?"

"Nah, I can't"


"My little pony is on next"

(WHISPERS) " Forever alone" (Hangs up)



(Hangs up)

Example #2

(Girlfriend talks to boyfriend)

GF: "Hey honey wanna go to the movies?"

BF: " No."

GF: "Why we never go anywhere together anymore, when was the last time we went on a date?"

BF: " I still love you..."

GF: "It doesn't seem like it"

BF: " I do i swear!"

GF: " Prove it! come with me on a date to the movies"


GF: " WHY???"


GF: " your a what?"


GF: "Laughs, all this time u lied to me?"

BF: 'Smirks' "Brohoof" (put's a hand out for props)

GF: " It's over, bye... (Whispers to BF) "Forever alone"

BF: (Doesn't give a fuck, that he just broke up. Keeps watching my little pony at the age of 23.
by April Ramsay August 08, 2012

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