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People who have jumped on the My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic bandwagon, they are usually 14-40, 99% of Bronies are anti-social virgins who force there beliefs upon one. They are often laughed upon in real life non-internet users.
MLP Fanboy(Bronie): Hey i watch My Little Pony, i can also sing the themetue in German.

Class: *Laughs*

MLP Fanboy(Bronie): Cries in the corner of his room at night complaining in various forums.
by ieatpeoplebecauseican January 09, 2012
Male fans of My Little Pony, Typically at the age were they have pubic hair.

These people generally have very few friends that will allow them to stick their penis into them, so they resort to My Little Pony.

They believe they are a form of hipster, by watching MLP.
This is not true, Trying to convince Bronies what they do is gay is just like convincing a Justin Bieber fan that he sucks.
Guy 1: Hey what are you watching there?!

Bronie: My Little Pony

Guy 1: ahaha, wtf are you gay or something?

Bronie: :( yes

Guy 1: fucking Bronies...........
by Dr.SillyBuns November 20, 2011
A male furfag
"Hey what you watching, bronie?" "Oh, just some new MLP porn!"
by moole of blockcommunity October 08, 2011