Similar to "bro" but at a higher level. Used for a person that is special. A right hand man so to speak.
I just got off the phone with my brodis. We are going to pub crawl our way through this town tonight!
by Stripper jos May 10, 2016
a beautiful, amazing girl who is always up for an adventure. she doesnt care about what others think about her and lives her life to the fullest.shes a massive party girl and is up for anything. shes not afraid of anything. she doesnt let anything get her down but watch out if you mess with her or her friends your going to get hurt.

brodi is a friend you will have forever, she will stick with you thro thick or thin, will always give you that second chance but dont screw her over because you dont know what your getting into.

brodi has all the guys chasing after her, so when you have her hold onto her tight. she always tends to falls for the guys she cant have and falls hard. she loves a long relationship were they are not afraid to be themself around eachother. brodi is an unbeliveable kisser and is good in bed.
i seen this amazing girl down town was the best hook up, must have been a brodi
by chuck12 October 25, 2010
somethin' gross you smell outside
Benton: What the fuck is that smell?
Ashley: Smells like fuckin' brodis out here man.
by CrapFace August 15, 2005
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