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Referring to the female canibus plant commonly smoked throughout the black population. Also known as marijuana or "weed." White people commonly refer to it as "pot" or "reefer."
Nigga 1: I'm bout to blow my paycheck on some broccoli.
Nigga 2: Can I smoke with you? I got five on it.
by Philly and Jason July 30, 2005
19 51
coined by vallejo based rapper E-40
slang for marijuana
i don't need no doctor
idon't need no shrink
all i need is broccoli
and a forty ounce to drink
smoking that broccoli now
by chico May 05, 2003
278 100
1.) Slang for pot

2.) The vegetable that your parents always told you to eat.
1.) "Man, I'm gonna go smoke some Broccoli!"

2.) "Wise words from the departing: Eat your greens, especially Broccoli"-John Balance of Coil, "Broccoli"
by Dagon April 30, 2005
209 93
can't leave the table until you finish it. your goal becomes clear... the broccoli must die!
forecast for tomorrow.. a few sprinkles of genius with a chance of doom!
by Adrian November 06, 2004
159 126
broccoli is something you say when you don't know what else to say .
Person1: I love you.
Person2: Broccoli

Person1: How does my hair look?
Person2: Broccoli.

Person1: What's the answer to number 42?
Person2: BROCCOLI !
17 18
"And God spake unto the trees, commanding them to become deadly weapons available only to parents of small children everywhere"
"Quickly, Lex, give superman the's ten times more powerful than kryptonite!"
by Karatekid1222 June 12, 2008
49 51
The natural laxative.
Kid- Mom, I can't doo doo.
Mom- Go eat some broccoli; it'll clean you out.
by Shawn B. May 08, 2003
55 73
when someone tries ta front on you and sell you what he claims ta be dro but in actuality is bogus and aint even weed.
i'm in this new hood, and ask some nigga wher i could find some dro' he pulls out some broccoli, won't even let me smell it sayin' he wants a C-note for it.
by .:Kess:. February 13, 2004
8 37