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When a group of bros work as a team to poach a girl from some other guy.
Hey bros, lets go broach Maddie from that zombie looking dude.
by Broski27 April 26, 2011
Unpleasant cross between friend and cockroach.
That dude and his little broaches are really starting to get on my nerves.

He's kind of cool but really more of a broach.

That little dude and all his creepy friends got backstage and broached out all night. What a drag.
by L.Ryder August 17, 2010
a true friend who you can really go for if you have any problems,whether its money problem,friend problem,love problem, etc.
Damn son, your a true B-roach, just like alex .
by Dalton Branco August 14, 2008
a van owned or used by a male (typically a bro, surfer, or pedophile), often used as a residence or more simply, for relaxation or hanging out.
1. Bro: Hey, wanna come back to my place for a kickback sesh?

Chick: Sure, where do you live?

Bro: I'm just over there in the lot.

Chick: You live in the van?

Bro: Yea, it's my broach.
2. Matt Foley, motivational speaker, lived in a broach down by the river.
by dubyew_bee November 21, 2013
A surname decended from members of the Afro-Scott ethnic group of pre-colonial Africa
As the Afro-Scott militia took the field, Sir Broach led the second column
by sidearm April 23, 2004
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