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Verb: The act of providing support which is usually financial. The act of being a sponsor (often reluctantly) while out with a group of "friends" where one or more seem to consistently carry less cash than you and/or others in your group.

Often sponsoring is voluntary and is planned by the group. For example: A few guys taking turns buying rounds of drinks. Or, a pre-understanding that one of the group has voluntarily offered to buy dinner, drinks, etc while out this time.

Except in the case of voluntary sponsoring described above, the sponsoree is generally suspected of purposely carrying less money, with the expectation that one of their (soon to be alienated) friends will wind up sponsoring them (lending them money) at the last minute usually facilitated by the impaired judgment of the prospective sponsor. The reluctant sponsor later feels taken & curses himself as he realizes the sponsoree will take weeks to pay him back and that the money will assuredly come from another of his friends.
1. (a) "I can't believe that asshole Freddy and
his hose bag didn't bring enough dough
to pay their part of the check, God, they piss me the fuck off!"

(b) "Word 'G'! Bo bo wound up sponsoring dey
asses las time 'n dat po bastid ain no
gillianaire, shit!"

(a) "I know, right!? This is the last motherfuckin' time! This is IT or they are out of the loop!"

2. Prologue: A group of cute girls out at a club, all of whom giggle & brought no more than $20, only to spend $10 of it on the cover charge after their inability to seduce the fat pig bouncer...

(a) "Girls, we are going to have to leech off
some dumb guys again; fucking have to
get my buzz on!"

(b) "Me too bitch, get some cunt clown to
step to sponsorin'(g) or no cab home fo
yo asses."

(c) "I'll let 'em think we'll tag team if we
get wasted enough!"

(a,b,c)"All right! Let's go get 'um! Girl power!"
by Jesus Tap Dancing Christ June 26, 2010
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