1. derogatory term to describe heterosexuals, usually when engaged in an extended relationship (eg. marriage) with a partner of the opposite sex.
2. Derogatory term used by inner city dwellers (of ANY sexual inclination) to define inhabitants of the suburbs who subscribe to - and are enslaved by - their desire to procreate.
example - im going out to breedersville on the weekend to visit my sister.

(breedersville - read 'suburbs')
by gT>> July 29, 2003
Ppl who turn up at your house with children and allow them to write all over your books, wall coverings etc. This happens because they are jealous of your child free lifestyle which allows you to go out mid week and take long romantic weekends away while they are stuck at home trying to find a child minder/doing maths homework etc.
O feck! Here comes the breeders, hide everything of any value!
by dont do it! June 05, 2003
a noun.

someone whose sole purpose is to have babies.

They define their existence solely based on how many kids they have and how big their family is.

see also "heterosexual"
"joe always talks about his kids"
"yes, joe is a breeder."
by dontdothattwice May 19, 2009
A heterosexual. A carbon footprint enhancer. That group of humans most responsible for global warming, deforestation and a depletion of the ozone layer. A propagator.
In addition to being Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is a prolific breeder.
by maximo hudson January 27, 2009
Used by the homosexual community as a reference to "knuckle dragging" heterosexuals, meaning individuals (generally males) that care for little more then spreading their seed and getting into bar fights.

Not all heterosexuals are breeders.
A heterosexual's values and interests are as diverse as the world itself. A breeder's interests are narrow (beer and pussy), and conversation outside said interests are near impossible. And while the heterosexual is accepting of their homosexual brethren, Breeders are homophobic.

Heterosexual: Okay. I'm gonna call the police.
by KSJ July 24, 2008
A heterosexual person. Formerly, this was an insult used by the gay community; it is now mostly used by straight people in a lighthearted vein to (mistakenly) show that they are down with gays and familiar with the culture.
Hey, we're throwing a barbecue next Saturday, and we'd love it if you could come. That is, if you don't mind hanging out with a bunch of breeders all day! Ha ha!
by Branddobbe March 18, 2007
A really cool band fronted by Kim Deal of the Pixies.
I just got the new Breeders CD.
by Heckich November 04, 2003
a fat hillbilley who has mutiple kids and is overweight. one can usually find a breeder around the 1st of the month at wal-mart cashing thier ssi checks, using thier food-stamps and or planning thier next accidental child. it is a rule among breeders that they are all related to kid rock and willie nelson in one way or another
man on cell phone: yes dear i picked picked up the red mini blinds i am just waiting on a fat breeder to pay for her groceries.
wife on the phone: what is taking so long?
man on phone: well this cow is trying to use her food stamps to but a pack of smokes, o great now she is going through all 11 of her kids to see which one knows the pin for her food stamp card. wait she found it, its tattooed on her right thigh, right above her kid rock tat
by bobzombie January 10, 2009
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