1. A derogatory term used to describe straight people from the suburbs. (i.e. people who would go to a sports bar in Jeresy.) Usually meathead guys or girls who wear chunk heels. Mainly used by homosexuals.

2. Reference to heterosexuals that are so ignorant, they're only contribution to society is to breed more people.

3. A non-hip straight person, typically from the suburbs, that is threatened by homosexuals.
Go back to Jersey , and take your breeder friends with you !
by Robo-Steve October 02, 2007
(1)Women who seem to have kid after kid, usually with the absence of the real fathers.

(2)People who just seem to be unable to have safe sex and keep either having abortions, miscarriages,or pawning them off on someone else to raise because they are unable to raise their own kids.
"Damned!..another unwanted kid, I wonder why people are such {breeders}.
by Cantonata.P June 26, 2005
1. A derogatory term for anyone who reproduces, ever. Generally used by antisocial virgin nerds whose own nurturing instincts are limited to Pokemon. Ironically, most such individuals still live with their parents.

2. A derogatory term for a heterosexual. Generally used by homosexuals.

3. A derogatory term for selfish, irresponsible, or self-absorbed parents. Generally used by anyone who has ever had to listen to a screaming small child that does not belong to them, or anyone who has ever seen octomom's insipid, collagen-filled face on a TV screen or magazine cover.
Those fucking breeders had better not bring their screaming crotchlings to the Transformers 2 premiere! What do they think this is, a kids' movie?
by Jett June 12, 2009
An insolent or contemptuous label used to express disdain for heterosexuals. May be used to describe persons who have procreated or those who threw a life choice decide to practice heterosexual behaviors.
Those breeders keep piling junk on the lawn.

This was a nice place until "those" people started to move into the neighborhood. The breeders are lowering our property value
by testsickle January 14, 2011
a flippant term which can be used by anyone who is child-free, straight or gay, to describe those who have children ... and have earned this derisive label because of their general attitude of superiority toward those who do not have children
"Shit, what's with these friends who hit you up for a wedding gift, you don't hear from them, and then they resurface to hit you up for baby gifts?"
"What do you expect? That's typical breeder behavior."
by highlyopinionated May 07, 2013
1) Derogatory term used to describe or address a man or woman whose realistic maximum potential for 'contribution' to the universe will only ever be in the form of mere population;
2) A man or woman whose lifestyle includes frequent sex with different partners/one night stands;
3) Any man or woman who is generally unconcerned with or does not invest significant time or effort in the cultivation of intellect, self knowledge, and reasoning skills;
4) A person--man or woman, hetero or homo--whose higher brain functions have been figuratively supplanted, commandeered and/or in most cases erased by his or her primitive sexual urges, especially when notably dysfunctional, as in the case of: homosexuals; men/women who repeatedly seek out sexually abusive, emotionally bankrupt relationships; men/women who are incapable of emotional intimacy, or who deny the physiological realities of sexuality in an attempt to hide from such intimacy; men/women who still act like twenty-somethings even after college; any behavior you might witness at a bar or club by anybody not focusing on their drink; etc.

In the case of homosexuals--who are not "breeders" of literal children--the term refers simply to the grossly self-ignorant, delusional and contra-intellectual behavior at the core of the homosexual lifestyle - which is really not that much different than the similar inanity inherent in the heterosexual equivalent, though it manifests differently.
"Haha! Look at the popped-collar douchebag wagging his tail all over that girl; she'll be bent over a counter begging for his dick after a couple more drinks, I bet. What a bunch of fuckin' breeders."

by specterk August 23, 2011
1) a female who has multiple children with different men to whom they are not married to or are no longer married to.
That girl is such a breeder, just look at her three kids from three different baby-daddys.
by yarzizzle July 28, 2014
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