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A type of nuclear reactor used as a major source of power in Europe. Because of the TMI incident, the US has chosen not to capitalize on the vast potential of the Breeder reactor.
"We finally got rid of the POS wind farms and got us a breeder!"
by katan July 28, 2004
1. Slang for heterosexual.

2. A greeting word to a friend/homie. Can also be used as insult.
1. "i'm gay so i'm not a breeder

2. "what's up my breeder?" or "OMG you're such a breeder."
by whatever_ September 13, 2013
A Breeder is someone (Male or Female) you would have children with for the sole purpose of creating professional and olympic athletes. A breeder does not depend on looks. For example any woman over 6 foot is automatically a breeder and any man over 6'5" (regardless of looks). Hot people are not breeders; breeders are a separate class made to define the best people for creating strong athletes.
DAMNNN, check out that breeder!
Shes pretty cute,,,,nahhh shes a breeder.
Check out those thighs,,,definitely a breeder!
You squat 400!?.........Breeder
Did you see how high she can jump......breeder
by theycallmeF January 03, 2014
A latter day Gay-Polari type of slang label / appellation used sometimes among homosexual men to describe those homosexual men who practice unsafe sex which involves the ejaculation of semen into the rectum (as in imitation of penile - vaginal sex without contraception). Can be applied to either / or / both the passive and active parties.
From a profile on Silverdaddies.com - "...seeking a Top Daddy breeder to breed me..."
by tumbokubwa December 01, 2013
1. A woman who, by physical appearance, e.g. tall, good-looking with nice breasts and round hips, would be an excellent candidate for having your children.

2. A woman who maintains her figure even while pregnant, and is back to her pre-pregnancy looks soon after giving birth.
Yep, she's a breeder, alright.
by 850Hardcore June 24, 2011
A Person in the pokemon world that, raises pokemon to reproduce. making more pkmn aka eggs

say you breed a mMudkip(male) w/ a Dito or w/ a Mudkip (female)

and the mudkip knows the moves (surf/hydro pump/bite/earthquake) the baby pokemon that comes out of that egg has a higher chance of knowing thoses moves
"could you become a pokemon breeder"
by Rev.Matt Macabre August 05, 2007
a woman who is likely to bear strong, athletic children. Usually assumed because the woman is tall and athletic herself.
Dang you see Claire playing in the volleyball game last night? With that tight body of hers, she is definitely a breeder!
by Arr Dog February 20, 2009