Another word for breasts, usually used by creepy or dirty minded people.
I want to stroke her breastacles.
by Sarah Setzer September 12, 2006
Top Definition
A manly display of courage, defiance, self determination or other unexpected act of standing up for ones self by the female of the human species.
I asked her to dance and she quickly put me in my there's a pair of breastacles!
by Doc Breger October 14, 2007
A woman's breast being the centre of attention whether intentionally or not.
Suzy had become quite the breastacle around the office lately.
by Barry DeBeers September 16, 2014
similar to a 'breast', but covered in tentacles; hence the compound word 'breastacle'

most notable for the fact that when you grab one, it can grab you right back.
'Time to cop me a feel of that there breastacle'
*grabs breastacle, in the belief it will somehow endear the female to him*
'Oh motherFUCKER. It just grabbed me back! It's at times like these that i reflect upon the terms IRONIC and COMEUPPANCE.'
by fine_dine_decca August 12, 2009
a man's chest; his pecks; male version of breasts
i'm working out my triceps and my breastacles today.
by kerry g September 11, 2006
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