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A manly display of courage, defiance, self determination or other unexpected act of standing up for ones self by the female of the human species.
I asked her to dance and she quickly put me in my there's a pair of breastacles!
by Doc Breger October 14, 2007
A woman's breast being the centre of attention whether intentionally or not.
Suzy had become quite the breastacle around the office lately.
by Barry DeBeers September 16, 2014
Another word for breasts, usually used by creepy or dirty minded people.
I want to stroke her breastacles.
by Sarah Setzer September 12, 2006
similar to a 'breast', but covered in tentacles; hence the compound word 'breastacle'

most notable for the fact that when you grab one, it can grab you right back.
'Time to cop me a feel of that there breastacle'
*grabs breastacle, in the belief it will somehow endear the female to him*
'Oh motherFUCKER. It just grabbed me back! It's at times like these that i reflect upon the terms IRONIC and COMEUPPANCE.'
by fine_dine_decca August 12, 2009
a man's chest; his pecks; male version of breasts
i'm working out my triceps and my breastacles today.
by kerry g September 11, 2006
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