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In 2000, guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark James Klepaski left a band that was signed to Universal and was gaining commercial acceptance to join forces with vocalist Ben Burnley and drummer Jeremy Hummel to form Breaking Benjamin. They debuted in 2001 with their first album, Saturate, with their song 'Polyamorous' and were signed by Hollywood Records shortly afterward. We Are Not Alone, their second album, was released in 2004 and they became wildly popular all over the USA through their single, 'So Cold'.

Breaking Benjamin is a unique band with mind-blowing vocals and it's a shame that they have only recently been given even half of the recognition that they deserve.
Breaking Benjamin is one of the most talented bands of our decade.
by ashleyll June 02, 2005
A great band, known for their perfect balance of singing and screaming vocals, and a dark, heavy style.
I enjoy Breaking Benjamin.
by Alex Lifeson March 01, 2009
An awesome band that has a vocalist that can change his tone to any sharp or flat.
Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin:

So tell me how it should go......
by aodvad3r February 10, 2008
quite possibly the sickest band that ever set foot on the face of the earth
by ur mama is a milf December 01, 2009
A band that is insanely fabulous, but needs to get off its ass and work on new material and start flying on planes.
"Don't you miss Band X?"
"Yeah, they've got a Breaking Benjamin thing going on."
by Puddledonut October 27, 2008
An amazing band probably one of the best post grunge alternaive metal/rock band out there at the moment. they have four albums but if you like heavy then their 1st album saturate is the best. they get a little softer as they progress but the lyrics and the music is just out of ths world. they dont travel to england or europe because the singer has phobias ( hense the title of the 3rd album phobia) but they should. they are friends with Three days grace and Seether. check them and and find out more from wikipedia!
1st guy; hey u excited to see breaking benjamin supporting 3 days grace and seether?

2nd guy; no man cos i live in england grr
by master of ure mum August 16, 2010
Overproduced cookie cutter nu-metal/emo/pop, flavour of the month trash aimed at suburban mall rats. A typical song contains angsty teen lyrics that speaks to those who've had their xbox taking away by their mommies because they didn't clean their room.
Breaking Benjamin Fan #1: Hey bro I saw you at the Breaking Benjamin concert last night.

Breaking Benjamin Fan #2: Yeah holmes, it was pretty rad but goddamn my ass is sore from all that gay sex.
by uberballerzzz December 28, 2009