1.A great band out of my area... Has the greatest underground site EVER. www.shallowbay.com. It's amazing. 4500 members and growing :D

2.A band known only for We Are Not Alone

3.A band consisting of Ben burnley, Aaron Fink, Marcus James, and Chad Szeliga (it's all about the chad! :D)
Me:Dude, did you hear breaking benjamin's song topless?

Them:Topless? They don't wear shirts?

by jmeye47 April 13, 2005
An amazing band... who desrives more credit then they get ...also a life saving band. Cheeck em out :) And Ben Burnley is SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude: breaking benjamin kicks ass
by Super S February 06, 2005
Best fuckin band gracing the face of the fucking earth. How anyone can not like them is beyond comprehension if ya ask me.
Get saturate and we are not alone.
Just a few of their good songs:
Shallow bay (best fucking song ever)
Home (a song about the wizard of oz that kicks ass alot)
Sooner or later
So cold
Blow me away
Breaking Benjamin kicks much ass.
by Adrian September 09, 2005
A great nu metal band formed by Ben Burnley. This is a little known fact about Breaking Benjamin, but Ben Burnley used to perform at coffee houses playing covers of songs by other bands to earn money.
The day has come to an end
The sun is over my head
My Polyamorous friend
caught me in a mass of trouble again
by Truth April 04, 2005
Awesome rock band. Much more than "So Cold", but most of you mainstream queers would never know it.

(Note: To Juicy Mix - omg sayin linin prak adn brakin bengamen su>< is kewl u r teh leet! <3)
"Firefly" is a freaking straight BB song.
by Rufus Shinra November 21, 2004
heavy metal band with two albums, we are not alone and saturate
show me how it ends, it's alright
show me how defenseless you really are
satisfied and empty inside
well that's alright, let's give this another try
-so cold

I want a normal life
just like a new born child
I am a lover hater
I am an instigater
You are an oversight
Don't try to compromise
I'll learn to love to hate it
I am not integrated
-sooner or later
by John March 27, 2005
A hard rock/metal band hailing from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvannia. This band was originally called Plan 9 until a personal experience came. Ben Burnley the lead singer broke a microphone that he borrowed, the owner came on and said"thanks to benjamin for breaking my fucking mic". This band has influences such as Tool and Nirvana. They are a great band very unique sound. They have two albums out, Saturate and We Are Not Alone, a third entitled Phobia is set to come out August 8th.
man: Have you heard breaking benjamin, they rock!!
Breaking benjamin critic: Yea they are pretty good
man: And i thought u were a critic, that must mean they are very good
by chity chity bang bang June 25, 2006

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