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Another word for pot. Instead of saying you are smoking weed, it's less obvious to state that you are eating breakfast. Not ot be confused with the actual act of eating breakfast, or the meal.
"Hey dude, want to eat some breakfast tonight?"
"Breakfast at night?? Ohhhhhh....yeah dude :]"
by Another faceless name July 26, 2009
Nitrous, inhaled from a whipped cream canister aka cracker, in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Used to prevent hippies from following you to your nitrous stash.
Let's go back to my van for some breakfast.
by Dianamite May 29, 2008
the meal that is suppose to be between 6 am and 12 pm. Anything after that is called brunch.
I got up real early so I could eat breakfast today.
by GG January 26, 2005
...you know.
This morning I ate breakfast with my wife... and her sister... and her mom.

Samantha needs to dump her boyfriend and stop eating breakfast off the kiddie menu if you know what I mean...

Yesterday my wife made me breakfast in bed... it was DELICIOUS!!!
by Head Chef June 10, 2009
oral sex
When Halle relates his experiences in Toni Morrison's "Beloved", about being in a prison in Alabama, he talks of how the guards would come up to the prisoners (who were on their knees) and say, "you want some breakfast nigger?" This insinuated that they wanted the prisoner to preform oral sex on them.
by alex conner January 16, 2004
A code used for smoking marijuana
Im gonna go have my breakfast
by Joe March 02, 2005
"An addiction"
SW (street wise): " B-FAST " as in " I am a breakfast addict, I want to score some breakfast. I am B-fast "
ANYONE ELSE (AE) : a problem (i like BREAKFAST)
" snow, forget it . . . . i want breakfast, i'll put it in my stash "
by irrelevant November 03, 2003