n. an excuse to have breakfast in the morning
Bob- "Can I have cake for breakfast?"

Shirley- "Only if you fry it up in grease and then smother it with butter and syrup."

Bob- "That's freaking brilliant."
by Something like Susie April 24, 2012
when your Asian friend bites your cat
Lou passed out on the couch,the cat snuggled with him and when he woke up he said "yum breakfast"
by im a real girl August 26, 2011

1. Eating after you fast.
2. First meal of the day.

Once you have your regular 7 to 8 hour sleep,( mainly durning the night), your body basically fast because you haven't eaten in hours. So to fuel your mind and body, you break your fast by eating a meal when you wake up, (mainly in the morning).
The doctor told me to fast by not eating after 9pm for blood work in the morning.

After the blood work I can have breakfast.
by Sharkizy May 24, 2012
that awkward moment when you walk in on your step dad eatin out your momzZ
last night i walked in on my step dad eatin out my momzZ an he looked up an said "its all god im just eatin breakfast"
by triangle offense November 11, 2011
Sometimes called "Bed n Breakfast."
In "x01" dart games (such as 301), a score of a single 20, a single 5 and a single 1, for a total of 26 points.
The phrase originated in the distant past, when the standard rate for a bed-and-breakfast in England was 2 shillings and 6 pence ("two and six").
After a few pints, Chauncey was trying to close his twenties, but all he could manage was breakfast.
by Habeas Corpus February 08, 2009
1. period of the day that includes Special K.

2. Meadow's favorite part of the day, because she loves staring at the back of Special K's "box".
Y: Now it's time for BREAKFAST!
M: I've been waiting all day for this!
Y: I know. You've been telling me all day.
M: oops.
Y: Dork.
by luvinmesumspecialK November 18, 2008
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