breads used for making explosives
Mike: <BOOM> ouch
by Mark October 26, 2003
Delicious, succulent, sweaty, juicy, moist, lip moistening, spine tingling, pulsating, throbbing, veiny, hairy, Bread.
Bread of course, what else would I be talking about?
by Tweekersauce July 24, 2008
The literal meaning of bread, which can be formed by aligning several dollar signs together. i.e.$$$$$$$$$$$ looks like a loaf of bread with blurry vision. (term was created when subjects were in their mentally-altered states, yes, they were high)
My bitch be so hungry i gotta buy another loaf of some expensive bread
by Ankizzi Figuez April 17, 2007
stuff to make noodle sandwiches with
slap some noodles on that bread and now we're talking
by Robert Robotoically September 14, 2003
another word for beer
Don't spill it, you're wasting good bread.
I had a bad day at work. I sure could use some bread right now.
by Chris Pitts May 08, 2008
quick and easy money
you cuz you got bread
by lil March 04, 2005
The act of getting breakfast in bed, followed by good morning head. The ultimate goal for any male to strive for. Also a clue that the woman doing the bread giving is a keeper. The key to a man's heart is through his stomach, and his penis, at the same time.
How was your date last night? Great I woke up to the best BREAD I've ever had. Dude she gave you BREAD? You gotta keep that dame around.
by MachineShop December 09, 2007
(verb) the act of penetrating with a baguette or similarly shaped baked produce. With God-fearing intent.
e.g. "Getcher arse over here boi, ahm gonna bread you good!"
"It was amazing, he breaded me for hours. I was dough in his hands"
by anon ee mouse May 05, 2006
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