The act of getting breakfast in bed, followed by good morning head. The ultimate goal for any male to strive for. Also a clue that the woman doing the bread giving is a keeper. The key to a man's heart is through his stomach, and his penis, at the same time.
How was your date last night? Great I woke up to the best BREAD I've ever had. Dude she gave you BREAD? You gotta keep that dame around.
by MachineShop December 09, 2007
Comes from the cockney rhyming slang brown bread meaning DEAD.
i think he's brown bread mate!
by kkaarrll November 08, 2006
The flabby fat that flows over the top of womens' jeans. this term is used because the fat resembles bread after it has been baked and overflows the pan.
Guy 1: That girl is definitely fat.
Guy 2: She's definitely bakin' some bread in those jeans.
by wiseman22 August 09, 2005
When someone or something is just plain or vanilla - not bad, but not great - just bread. Like a bread sandwich.
"Nah, I heard that movie was bread, let's catch some live music instead."
by Rocker Paul October 08, 2003
"Barely Running Extemely Adverse Domestic" car
"Badly Rusted Extremely Adverse Domestic" car.

Was developed as a retort to the popular term "Rice" which is widely used by owners of domestic vehicles, who show jealousy towards well cosmetically and/or internally impressive imported cars. This jealousy is usually invoked by the fact that their own vehicles do not have such enhancements.

The term Bread is used usually by drivers of imported vehicles to describe rusted and/or cosmetically unmodified domestic vehicles (due to either lazyness or lack of care).

Syn: Mashed Potato. Tater. Bagel. Fries. Etc.

Ant: Rice. Sushi. Fresh off the Boat. Etc.
"Yo man. That Camaro is SO bread. He didn't do a thing to it."
"Check out that Pontiac 6000. Rusted out bread mobile; It's muffler's dragging on the ground!"
by ZeroFuser April 02, 2007
a game played by a group of males. stand in a circle with a piece of bread on the floor. each person in the circle jerks off until they cum. they shoot their cum onto the piece of bread. the last person to cum has to eat the bread.
yo guys, wanna play bread?
by t April 15, 2004
an item of food that begins with the letter b
i like to eat bread with toast
by Eric Desautel November 24, 2007

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