(noun) Money, cash for spending.
Life's like a shit sandwich - the more bread you've got, the less shit you gotta eat.
by leperphiliac May 26, 2008
The word "Bread" can also be referred to as a game.

"Bread" is when a group of guys take a piece of bread, and they all try to be the first to ejaculate on it. The last one to ejaculate has to eat the piece of bread.
Hey, Tom. Last night the guys and I played Bread, and Gary didn't ejaculate at all, so he had to eat it! It was hilarious!
by Nick Adams May 26, 2007
bread is the saying for a girls nice or remarkable ass. bread is also used to point out or single out a hot girl.
the term bread was origannly started in truro, nova scotia, Canada. bread is pronounced with a high pitch and the "ea" is extended, it can be mistaken for a loud shriek or siren and its often shouted at girls in public places and in the middle of the street.
its a semi vulgar expression and can be found rude and ghetto like.
Bread is a new slang for BOO-TAY, junk, tay, cake, ...
EY! man check out dat "Breeeeeaaad"
imma get me some of dat breead.
dis place is full of breeead.
dats some serias bread
by danny OROZCO, what it do April 15, 2008
Extremely unpleasant to look at
The lady next to me is bread
by Cream Soldier March 26, 2008
Another term for a yeast infection.
"wow i wanted to sleep with that girl's friend but her friend told me she had a serious case of bread"
by jenlomeli June 10, 2008
A word used to criticize somebody's performance in any area of life
Me:"yo that team we played last night was fucking BREAD dude"
Sax: Yea i know man, they blew. We were up 3-0 just 4 minutes into the game.
by GmoneySagHairs August 21, 2009
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