breads used for making explosives
Mike: <BOOM> ouch
by Mark October 26, 2003
Bread often useful for breaking tension amongst strangers. Discovered by Professor Mark Newman of yeast and wheat ltd.
(group of people sat in a room, two minute deeply icy silence)
Person 1: Who likes bread?
(Conversation soon starts over bread topics)

I like bread!
by Jrockygogo September 19, 2011
It makes you fat.
Bread makes you fat!?!!
by whattttttt? April 16, 2011
To give someone bread, is to place hands together in a prayer like position, point them outwards and surprise a victim from behind. Thrust hands into unsuspecting persons bum and shout "BREAD"
Johnny is standing looking in the fridge, you come up behind him with your hands together pointing outwards and thrust your hands, fingers first up he's ass and shout BREAD
by Shauno Boy February 09, 2007
The act of having coitus in an effort to reproduce.
If she is old enough to go to the store, she is old enough to get bread!
by Freeby789 October 12, 2014
a word used to describe having sexual relations with someone or referring to a person of the opposite gender.
Dude i saw my girlfriend last night and good some good bread.

Wow there was lot of high quality bread at her party, it was almost like a bakery!

Sorry bro but your girlfriend is a bad loaf of bread dump her.
by thebaker7x7 December 04, 2011
a word signifying a positive reaction to something
a: yo i copped a dime for us
b: bread
a: are you bringing your lax stick tomorrow so we can have a catch?
b: yea
a: bread
by bkimstunnaboss November 07, 2010
Aussie slang for 'homie'
Yo sup bread?
by Dganzz June 10, 2009

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